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  1. Thanks alot for the feedback! Guess I'll change out the harbinger, he definitely seems a little out of place now that I think about it. The LoA looks like a cool suggestion, or maybe another unit of Blightkings. The people around here play a lot of highly armoured units, so I'd probably keep the Cyst. Maybe I could swap one of the Drone units out for the LoA instead and either keep the other one or change it into a unit of Pusgoyles to have an emergency movement option. Choices, choices... but yeah, thanks a bunch for the input ^^
  2. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to AoS and listbuilding (my involvement with Warhammer has been mostly painting up until now), but I am now in the process of getting into Maggotkin. Since I love the Glottkin model and I have some marauder boxes laying around, ready to be spiced up to a nurgly standard, I figured I could use them together and ended up with the following list: Allegiance: Nurgle- Host of Chaos: Blessed SonsLeadersHarbinger of Decay (160)- Artefact: Blotshell BileplateLord of Blights (140)- General- Command Trait: Foul Conqueror- Artefact: MuttergrubThe Glottkin (380)- L
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