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  1. Don't even suggest it. I had enough problems getting over the absolutely stupid base size GW chose for Sisters Repentia in 40k. For some completely unfathomable reason, they had to be on a different size to the rest of the army.
  2. I like 10s because they look nice in 2 ranks of 5, although I can see why people like 20+ for hordes.
  3. Phoenix Guard can be a pain in the butt with their ward.
  4. In 6th edition Fantasy, units could only fight in 1 rank unless they had pikes or spears, and 6th was the best edition. The way I see these new coherency rules, is that it's GW realising that they probably should have just stuck with square bases and some semblance of unit formations.
  5. This is what I'm thinking of fielding - City: Hallowheart Triumph: Inspired Warlord Battalion 1 Runelord (General) - Veteran of the Blazing Crusade, Curse = 100 1 Black Ark Fleetmaster (General's Adjutant) - Arcane Tome, Crystal Aegis, Roaming Wildfire = 70 1 Celestial Hurricanum with Battlemage - Agloraxi Prism, Sear Wounds, Ignite Weapons = 280 1 Scourgerunner Chariot = 80 Hunters of the Heartlands Battalion 20 Shadow Warriors = 240 10 Wild Riders = 240 10 Black Ark Corsairs - handbows = 85 Hunters of the Heartlands Battalion 10 Irondrakes (B
  6. If this is herohammer like 5th edition, then hopefully that means the next edition is like perfect 6th
  7. It's sounds like a similar play style to a list I've been working on, but feels a bit static - perhaps swap out a hero or spell for something which can move fast to grab or clear objectives? The new anti monster battalion in the General's Handbook could also be a good option as you can completely ignore monster abilities! It would mean more drops, but could be worth it.
  8. Similar problem with Sylvaneth - they can't take Cities allies, but we can take them in Living City.
  9. GW should have released the FAQ and errata document for each faction as part of the articles they have been doing for each faction in 3rd edition. That way it would have given people time to digest those before the points costs were revealed. Instead we got questionable suggestions about army composition, like taking a unit of 30 shadow warriors and putting them in terrain (as if that's going to be possible on most tabletops).
  10. Cities of Sigmar also makes use of reserves. As for model variety - exactly how many crossbow armed Stormcast units does the faction really need?
  11. Gyrocopters are only 75 now. Anyone for steamed rat?
  12. It doesn't even make sense when the Living City exists. GW dropped the ball once again.
  13. Whoooooah here she comes Look out Snorri, she'll chew you up Whoooooah here she comes She's a maneater
  14. The Settlers Gain city lets every 1 in 4 of your units be Lumineth and every 1 in 4 of your units be Stormcast. It means that Cities armies can fill out their ranks with cheap chariots, gyrocopters, battle mages and aether wings and then go to town stocking up on Lumineth. Sure you won't be taking squads of 30 Sentinels, as they're not battle line, but you can still take multiple units. Don forget to take some nice and cheap handgunners as battle line and the excellent Hurricanum with battle mage in support. Even the magic items and spells are like Lumineth ones.
  15. Lumineth peeps just need to embrace the Cities of Sigmar. Settlers Gain let's you spam Sentinels without needing costly Wardens, just take cheaper human battle line choices 😀
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