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  1. They can teleport anywhere on the board more than 9" from the enemy. Every turn. There are very few units in the game with that kind of mobility. This makes them very useful for jumping onto objectives that would otherwise be hard to reach, and it also forces the opponent to play around that ability be screening their backfield and making sure their home objective is well defended. While they aren't super great in combat, their re-roll abilities in the charge and combat phases make their limited output rather reliable. If they're given a good target of opportunity, such as a poorly defend
  2. Love the insights, @Ratatatata! Thanks for sharing. I'm also curious to know which glade(s) you ran for your games.
  3. Seems to me that the points adjustments were a combination of formulaic increases and also targeted nerfs/buffs, which is why we saw such a big increase for Kurnoth Hunters. They were likely paying 5-10 points for their new model count, and also took a targeted nerf of 20-30 points, in my view. Not that I'm saying Kurnoth Hunters were overpowered. They weren't, but they were at the core of virtually every competitive Sylvaneth list, so I'm not surprised they were targeted by GW to address the internal balance of the army. That said, I still don't have a good explanation for why the Scythe
  4. Well said. You've convinced me. I still think that the ability should be FAQ'd for clarity, but I can see now that your interpretation of the rule is internally consistent. Thanks for taking the time to debate it with me!
  5. Oh! I didn't realize he was just talking about the WarCom articles. Cool cool.
  6. Also, as an aside. I've notice you mention answers from the playtesters a couple times. Could you point me towards their Q&A, or panel, or whatever? I'd be curious to check it out.
  7. It seems like nobody else agrees with my hot take, so I might just have to accept that I'm just seeing a contradiction that isn't actually there. That said, I'm gonna take another stab at explaining where I see there to be ambiguity. The core problem with interpreting the rules as currently written is that it is never explained anywhere in the rules what "in range" means with respect to command abilities, or even what the range of a command ability is. I can already hear people disagreeing with this. Bear with me for a moment. Agreed. We're on the same page here. So here,
  8. I am a known Alarielle believer, but I definitely will admit that her warscroll presents a substantial whiff chance. On her raw warscroll, without any buffs, she'll deal no damage to a 4+ save about 3.5% of the time. That goes up to about 8.5% against a 3+ and about 18% against a 2+ I think running her in Gnarlroot for the innate re-roll ones will be very popular for this reason.
  9. That doesn't shock me. Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist is one of the premiere hammer units in the game, and just got access to new toys. That said, I did some number-crunching and IF Alarielle can get her roar off to deny Feeding Frenzy, she's actually got a pretty decent chance of surviving. You play way more than I do, but my schedule's opening up, and my FLGS has started opening up their tables again. I'll be sure to share some batreps when I get some games in!
  10. I think there's some merit to this idea. If you charge an enemy with a unit of Kurnoths and a small unit of Spites, then attack first with the Kurnoths, you give your opponent a poor choice for their allocating their attacks. If they put their attacks on the Kurnoths, they're allowing the spites to attack at full strength, and allowing their debuff to survive. If they attack the spites, that's protecting the Kurnoths for their first round of combat before they sprout their branches. If they split their attacks, they risk mis-allocating their resources. Not game breaking, but potentia
  11. Alright. I'll try to explain why I think this might not be the case. As I see it, it's not possible for a command ability to work this way in the new core rules. Take a look at what 6.1 states: To use a command ability, you must spend 1 command point, pick 1 friendly model to issue the command, and pick 1 friendly unit to receive the command. So in order for the aura to continue to function as intended, either an exception needs to be written in that lets more than one unit receive the command, or it needs to be clarified that the command is being issued to the Ancient, and the resul
  12. You get the eternal optimist merit badge for sure, Mirage. I'm not sure, but it's not gonna stop me from trying them. I'm actually going to run them in Gnarlroot, first. If they're supported by Drycha, they've got the same buffs as they do in Dreadwood, and I think they synergize well with a magic-heavy army, since they want to get all those endless spells off. Tragically, flaming weapons has to target one of the caster's melee weapons. That would have been an insane combo, otherwise. Yeah, I'm already rethinking my position on the Ancient. He's a swiss army knife
  13. This same wording is used in a bunch of Sylvaneth teleport effects. I'm hoping they FAQ this, since not teleporting out of combat kinda matters.
  14. Unit warscrolls, glades, artefacts, and spells are all still relevant pieces of the current battletome, but all of that information is also easily findable on list building apps and around the web. It's also missing the three warscrolls currently only available in BR:Kragnos. It really comes down to whether or not you like having a physical reference for your hobby. I tend to buy the books because I like sitting down with a big stack of references and feel like a wizard. Not everybody cares about that. It is also entirely possible that the book will be replaced at some point in the
  15. Copy/pasting my unit by unit breakdown of the Sylvaneth changes from our faction discussion thread. Overall, I feel like Sylvaneth got more or less standard points increases, while really benefiting from a number of changes to the core rules. I don't think they'll be breaking into the upper echelons of the meta any time soon, but I think that they might find their way out of the basement in third edition.
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