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  1. Yeah totally agree on the maticore. I can remember looking at the face of it and thinking what the 🤬
  2. That 4chan leak seems to be a mixture of trolling and wishlisting to me. I'm taking it with a huge bag of salt
  3. I am finding the online outrage a bit over the top. My partner works in brand enforcement and I can tell you GW lets hell of a lot slide compared to other companies. A certain large toy brand wont stand for any unauthorised monetising of their product. Start complaining when GW sends cease and desist orders on every unauthorised how to paint/battle report/lore discussion/commission painting website and video channel.
  4. There maybe a couple of heads, some of the arms and the coffin remains. Not sure how they will fit with the scale of the ghouls
  5. Got the fec starter box on order. Which would you build: Terrorgheist or VloZD?
  6. Have they eliminated having to pay full price?
  7. How are fell bats faring? Would you take them over wolves?
  8. Are there any leaks if we are getting some generic command abilities?
  9. Could be some form of destruction ogroid (thinking horns)
  10. Do we have to max out skeletons for them to be viable? How do people think a unit of 20 will stand up?
  11. I'd love to see a beastmaster style winged devourer hugging prey action (total wishful thinking though)
  12. Looks like 90mm oval bases to me (like Primaris outriders)
  13. I think its going to be new swamp/mist dwelling hobgoblin type creatures rather than Fimir
  14. There also used to be Khorne worshipping stormboyz
  15. Arkhan the black comes back as the Arkrab the Black
  16. At the moment it feels like a basic raise the dead on TW
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