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  1. Interesting take. I knew about the ruling as I use it all the time to stack Warp Lightning Storm on the same enemy model, but I hadn't considered Dreaded Death Frenzy working in that way. It's definitely something I can see them getting rid of once our new book rolls around, however.
  2. I don't think Dreaded Death Frenzy would stack on a single unit like that. Its wording is "whenever a model from any of those units is slain, before it is removed from play it can make a pile-in move and attack with all of the melee weapons it is armed with." Death Frenzy and Dreaded Death Frenzy stack because they're different spells, but I don't think multiple instances of Dreaded Death Frenzy would. It would be quite frankly broken if a single Stormvermin model got to make 12 attacks before it was removed [3 Dreaded DF + DF + Skavenbrew].
  3. I don't have any Plague Monks painted up yet (Pestilens is my least favourite clan) so I can't comment on their unit size, but I agree 100% that Stormvermin should go to 20/40/60 (or 15/30/45 at least). The fact that Stormvermin (and I assume Plague Monks?) lose the +1 to wound with just one casualty is pretty weird. It's also weird that they fixed the giant rat oversight in the summer FAQ, but not this.
  4. Clanrats and Stormvermin both need their saves characteristic to be modified by their shields/numbers, rather than "add 1 to save rolls..." Also they need to fix the bravery buff from "strength in numbers" so that units have their bravery buffed for every 10 models, rather than simply reducing battleshock losses by 1 for every 10. I fought FEC the other night and the number of Clanrats I lost to Crypt Flayer death shrieks was insane.
  5. Good luck! I was also thinking about submitting something, but I haven't had time.
  6. I have to echo what @KrispyXIV said -- LRL is a really tough proposition for us. They have better spellcasting, better melee, better shooting, and better saves. At least you don't have to deal with Teclis at 1k. If you could get access to Hellstriders or Seekers, you'd have a better shot. LRL are a powerful control army and have many ways of locking things down, but they don't play the objective game super well (although they're better after the last update to their range). Play for objectives and ignore anything that isn't fast or Sentinels. LRL are an elite army so he likely won't have a ton of bodies. Regarding Sentinels: fielding support heroes (like your LoP and Shardspeaker) is an exercise in futility against their no-scope shenanigans. He'll simply delete a hero a turn. Seekers are great against them, but the Masque is better as she's more durable. Both assume they're not buffed up with Power of Hysh or Lambent Light, because if they are their Unleash Hell will just delete your unit. Also, I hope for your sake he doesn't have foxes. If he does, try to get your Blissbarbs in range and kill it. But if he's a competent player, you won't be able to touch it/them. Slaanesh are one of the worst-equipped armies to deal with them.
  7. The Epitome is enjoying great success in Legions of the First Prince lists apparently, as it gains access to their fourfold blade item that does D3 wounds (maybe mortals) on a 5+, making it into quite the killing machine.
  8. Siggy is our most damaging unit and, in the age of ward saves, one of the game's few ways around that. He's probably the best shot anyone has at killing Gotrek, in all honesty. It cannot be understated, either, how much damage he can do on the charge, with Finest Hour up and a Keeper to back his play. It's super points-heavy (and obviously cannot be done at 1k) but he can kill basically anything in the situation. He's also quite tanky, so unless your opponent throws a bunch of mortal wounds at him, he's likely to come out OK. Also, he's one of our few sources of decent rend. Slaanesh sorely wants for rend better than -1. I've recently finished up 2k of Skaven and have been playing a lot of games with them, and I was amazed at the multiple sources of high rend/mortals they have.
  9. Got in a two-day even this weekend, I live in China and a bunch of us met up in Shanghai to play 4 games over Saturday and Sunday. A recap of my weekend in précis: Game 1 (Ogors) My list: Arch-Warlock, general, amulet, deranged inventor, MMMWP Verminlord Warpseer, Levitate Warlock Bombardier, MMMWP 3x20 Clanrats 1x6 Stormfiends, Windlaunchers, Ratling Guns, Doomflayers 1x6 Jezzails His list roughly: Dude on Mammoth, general Slaughtermaster Tyrant Firebelly 1x6 Ogor battleline (Gluttons?) 1x6 Ogor battleline (Ironguts I believe) 1x4 Mournfang The scenario was 4 objectives spaced equally, 2 in my territory and 2 in his. I was a 1-drop so I made him go first. A brief summary: Jezzails were amazing, killing his Tyrant, Slaughtermaster and Firebelly. For some baffling reason he gave me the double while I was in range of his general with all Stormfiend shooting. I promptly killed him. Clanrats did what Clanrats do and died in droves. Metamorphosis on Bombardier is amazing for grabbing a few niche VPs with him. My favourite trick with the Warpseer is charge-retreat to get onto far objectives. 12+charge roll+12 is no small amount of distance covered. Unfortunately I only managed a draw, with the final score being something like 32-32. We both finished 4 battle tactics, so no tie-breaker. I was actually a fair number of points down at the bottom of round 5, but managed to pull a few back with Metamorphosis onto the Bombardier followed by a charge-retreat with him onto a far objective. Game 2 (Skaven) This game was against a very experienced Skaven player (and I still am not), so I was super cagey. His list was basically: Arch-Warlock, general, Chain Warp Lightning, Amulet of Destiny Thanquol, Skitterleap Screaming Bell, Death Frenzy 20x Stormvermin 2x WLC 2x20 Clanrats 3x Ratling Guns My list was similar to my first one, but instead of Jezzails I had 2x Ratlings, 1x Warpgrinder and 2x Warpfire Throwers. In brief: He summoned a Warpseer turn 2 with a double 6 on his Bell roll. We both kept our distance, each afraid of the other's shooting. I burnt a unit of Clanrats with Warp-grindered Clanrats + warpfire throwers. My Stormfiends didn't do a whole lot because I kept them out of WLC range the whole battle (this was a mistake). He kept chipping away quite effectively with his Arch-Warlock by Skitterleaping next to a Gnawhole, hitting me with Warp Lightning spells of various flavours, then Skitterleaping back. Eventually this led to the Arch-Warlock blowing up when he tried for an overloaded Warp Lightning Storm and failed (even with a re-roll). Final score was like 13-18 in his favour. Very cagey, very slow match I lost due to overcautiousness. The free Warpseer didn't help.
  10. I don't know the circumstances here, but basically Gotrek should never be in combat with a Verminlord. Leave the runt to his business and cap the other objectives. He's only realistically killable on a double turn, but even then the amount of firepower needed just makes it not worth it. You could just kill everything around him instead. I got in two games yesterday, both with heavy Skryre shooting. Both had 6 Stormfiends, Warpseers, Arch-Warlocks, Bombardiers and 3x20 Clanrats. List A had 6 Jezzails, list B a Warp-grinder, 2x Ratlings and 2x Warpfire Throwers. Game A was against a similar Teclis list my opponent has been fielding for weeks now. Teclis, 20x Sentinels, 2x5 Roos, 5x Swordmasters, Cathallar, Sevireth. I did better than last time but it really is an uphill struggle; Cathallar put a permanent -1 bravery debuff on my Stormfiends and I messed up with my Warpseer around turn 2, losing him to Lambent Light and Power of Hysh on the Sentinels (he should never have been close enough for that to happen, so my bad). Battleshock killed all my Clanrats after that. I managed to pull it back a little, killing the Cathallar and her Swordmaster bodyguards and both units of Roos but unable to crack the Teclis egg and with Sevireth still running around killing whatever he wanted at will. Also, bravery debuffs (and permanent Total Eclipse leaving me low on CP options) cost me the whole Stormfiend unit after battleshock. Second game was again LRL, since I'm apparently never getting to play against another army again. This was my opponent's "fluffy" list: Gotrek, LRL Twins, Eltharion, 3x5 Stoneguard, Stonemage, named cow mountain dude. Despite no Teclis, my opponent rolled super high for magic; the only round without the 5++ spell and Total Eclipse was round 5. Also, despite giving my opponent first turn, I didn't win priority once and so never got a double. This game was much closer, as he didn't really have an answer for my Stormfiends. Unfortunately the battleplan favoured his "immovable mountain" flavour, as it was the one where you need to hold objectives for 2 consecutive turns before gaining victory points. I messed up by targeting Gotrek with heavy shooting (as I said above, just ignore Gotrek!). I put 6 wounds on him with 2 overcharged Ratlings and 6D6 Ratling shots from the Stormfiends, but I didn't get the double I was hoping for and he just healed everything back. That same shooting could have murdered half of the rest of his army. I actually did end up murdering well over half his army, as he was left with 3 Stoneguard, the Stonemage and Gotrek. I had my Warpseer, around 20 Clanrats, 5 Stormfiends, my Warlock and Bombardier. In the end it was a 22-22 draw; we both completed 4 battle tactics, so no tie-breaker. Much more entertaining battle than the first, even if my opponent cannot find it in himself to stop fielding some OP model or other in every battle!
  11. But if she has another attack profile, she should be allowed to attack, no? Wounds and mortal wounds are negated, but if she chose the Hell Pit as the target for her next melee attack, it seems to me she should get her attacks.
  12. Advice needed! My regular opponent goes Lumineth with Teclis and 20 Sentinels most of the time, because he absolutely hates fun. Although I'm a one-drop, he's beat me with the roll-off both times and goes first so he can get his 5++ spell and Total Eclipse off, gimping my ability to fight back (particularly if I get the double, as both spells remain in effect). With Teclis he's guaranteed to get the spells off he needs, and he also has re-rolls from aetherquartz and his shrine. My list: Verminlord Warpseer Arch-Warlock, Amulet of Destiny, MMMWP Warlock Bombardier, MMMWP 6 x Stormfiends, 2x windlaunchers, 2x Ratling Cannons, 2x Doomflayer Gauntlets 40x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 3x Warpfire Throwers His list: Teclis 20x Sentinels 2x5 Roo Riders 5x Swordmasters 1x Cathallar Any advice is much appreciated! I'm thinking of getting a Warpgrinder in the list and going all in on attacking his Sentinels, as they're far too dangerous. He killed my Stormfiends by turn 2 last battle, and also had the Cathallar's "Darkness of the Soul" spell on them to gimp their ability to act. Very frustrating.
  13. Sometimes I like to rewrite dreadful warscrolls to be less dreadful. Below is what might well be our worst warscroll: the Deathmaster.
  14. It's really easy to mix this stuff up in Slaanesh, I find, because so many other things do mortals on 6s to hit rather than to wound. I'm pretty sure when I started playing him, I was doing mortals on 6s to hit until I realized my mistake. Ditto Keepers.
  15. I imagine Skarbrand is Bravery 10, though, so there's a chance he won't be affected.
  16. Correct. Beguiling Gem specifically states it can reduce melee attacks to 0.
  17. I was under the impression that this question was settled with the FAQ of the FAQ, but there's now apparently an argument over Verminous Valour and whether or not it counts as a ward. As for the Amulet of Destiny, I believe that unambiguously does not stack with Protection of the Horned Rat.
  18. So this is a bit of a lengthy one, but at the request of @Sorrow I revamped Lurid Haze into its own subfaction. I also made a warscroll for a unit I'd like to see, a cheap throwaway screen of mortals that we don't really care about too much: The Lurid Haze Perfumed hordes of the Dark Prince Glassy-eyed maniacs and frenzied killers all, the hordes of the Lurid Haze sweep across Ulguan battlefields in a dervish of swishing silks and cruel scimitars, their orgy of bloodletting fuelled by the heady incense that pervades all Lurid Haze hosts. Hedonists above all else, the Lurid Haze care nothing for their own lives nor even, ultimately, of victory in the Dark Prince’s name; the only guiding light of the Lurid Haze masses is sensation taken to excess. Pain, pleasure, exhilaration, sadism, masochism – it is one and the same to the wide-eyed lunatics who fall upon the enemy lines, caring little if the enemy spills their blood or vice versa. Following on the heels of the maniacal Sybarite Cultists are their Blissbarb brethren, those who have not yet earnt the exhilaration of steel on skin, who must instead content themselves with delivering agonising death to the foe on the tip of a drugged arrow. Those Blissbarbs who have earnt the affections of an Exalted Seeker charge about the battlefield, firing volleys of Seeker-envenomed arrows into the ranks of the enemy with uncanny accuracy. Should the foe survive the torrent of poisoned arrows and frenetic assault of the Sybarite Cultists, they have yet to endure the unthinking ferocity of the Slaangor Fiendbloods, wit-addled beastmen driven into a hysterical bloodgreed and unleashed upon the scattered enemy lines to finish them once and for all… Battle Traits – the Stupefying Veil Billowing Mists [As per the original Lurid Haze ability – if it ain’t broke etc. etc. with the exception of the addition below] Bestupored Hordes When the Lurid Haze marches, innumerable masses of drug-addled Sybarites gather to join the Carnival of Excess. SYBARITE CULTISTS are battleline units in a Lurid Haze army list. Bestial Bacchanalia The Slaangor Fiendbloods of the Lurid Haze are fed exotic cocktails of stimulants prior to being released, and little is beyond the reach of their frenzied advance. Friendly Slaangor Fiendbloods in a LURID HAZE host may re-roll charges. Orgy of Reflected Agony To the frenzied masses of the Lurid Haze, it matters not whether enemy or friendly blood has spilled – only that it has spilled. At the end of the battleshock phase, you receive D3 depravity points if at least one friendly and one enemy unit received any wounds or mortal wounds that were not negated. Command Traits – The Ever-Thirsting Bacchanal 1 Feverish Anticipation Lurid Haze cultists cannot wait to glut themselves on the sensation of battle. You may re-roll run rolls for friendly LURID HAZE HOST units that are wholly within 12” of this general when the run roll is made. 2 Unreasoning Ecstasy Once battle is joined there is no rational thought amidst the masses of the Lurid Haze, just the orgiastic glee that comes with wholesale bloodshed. Do not take battleshock tests for friendly LURID HAZE HOST units that are wholly within 12” of this general. 3 Clarity of Stupefaction Though most have their senses dulled by constant exposure to the cloying fumes of the Lurid Haze, this general has been exposed to such a degree that it lends them a base, drug-fuelled cunning. When using the Billowing Mists ability, this general may remove D6 units instead of D3. 4 Deadened Nerves This general has glutted themselves upon such a cornucopia of forbidden salves, powders and herbs that they are inured to all but the most extreme of sensations. This general ignores the first wound or mortal wound allocated to them each phase. 5 Alluring Demagogue None command the attention of their troops better than this general, and they will push themselves all the harder to achieve a measure of their favour. Once per turn, this general may issue a command to a friendly LURID HAZE host without spending a command point. 6 Blacken the Sky This general puts particular stock in their Blissbarb followers, urging them on to ever more numerous salvos of poisoned arrows before the lines clash. Once per shooting phase, this general may nominate a unit of BLISSBARB ARCHERS or BLISSBARB SEEKERS. Add 1 to the attacks characteristic of that unit’s missile weapons. Artefacts of Power – Prizes of the Sybarite Carnival 1 Cloak of the Betrayer This cloak, soaked in the blood of a traitor who betrayed his people in the name of Slaanesh, hides the approach of the wearer until it’s too late for their prey… If the bearer of this item is picked to be removed from the table as part of the Billowing Mists ability, he and any other units benefitting from that ability may be placed more than 6” from enemy units. 2 Flute of Torturous Revelry Once played by the Keeper of Secrets whose name is Anacrucia, this flute can be played to rouse the Dark Prince’s followers to inhuman feats of strength. Once per battle, during your combat phase, the bearer of this item can use it. Until the start of your next hero phase, all friendly LURID HAZE units wholly within 12” of the bearer may add 1 to wound rolls for all melee weapons. 3 Censer of Stultifying Incense The incense that billows from this champion’s censers does not only invigorate their own warriors, but also saps the resolve of nearby enemies. Whenever an enemy unit within 12” of this unit makes a charge roll, subtract D3” from the result. 4 Unguent of the Thrice-Slain Princeling Steeped in the skin of an arrogant noble who had the temerity to insult the Dark Prince, this forbidden ointment dulls the skin and renders it insensate to all but the mightiest of blows. Subtract 1 from wound rolls made with melee weapons that target this general. 5 The Shroud of Matta Hu’uri This diaphanous veil was worn by the most talented dancer ever to grace Glutos Orscollion’s legendary banquets. So impressed was the Lord of Gluttony by her agility, he had her feet made into a succulent broth. The bearer of this item can run and still charge later in the turn. In addition, when charging, the bearer may ignoring intervening terrain as if they could FLY. 6 Mirror of Minds Wielded by the sadistic Shardspeaker Lyrolla Visq, this Twisted Mirror forces the viewer to confront the depths of their own unvarnished arrogance. The more ambitious the victim, the farther they have to fall into the crystalline depths of the mirror… Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer of this item may use it. If they do so, pick one enemy HERO within 12” of this general and roll a number of dice equal to that HERO’s bravery characteristic. For each 3+, that HERO suffers 1 mortal wound. I created a new unit that's a sort of Slaaneshi skink/clanrat, which will factor into this subfaction particularly as a disposable screen: Their attacks are meh and they melt to a stiff breeze, but they'd be cheap, min unit size 20, and their rally on a 5+ would make it easy to make them last a bit longer. I'm also going to rewrite Slaangors with an ability borrowed from the SCE Annihilators, which I think makes Slaangors way better: After this unit makes a charge, you may choose one enemy unit within 1” of that unit. Roll a number of dice equal to the charge roll. For each 4+, that enemy unit suffers one mortal wound. sybarite-cultists (1).pdf
  19. Well, for me Bravery ought to work as Leadership did in Oldhammer, and the fact that it does nothing is an issue with the core mechanic of bravery. The fact is that it's too easily ignored but we as Slaanesh have access to a bunch of bravery debuffs that we can't really effectively utilize because, as you pointed out, bravery doesn't really do anything. If, though, these dances were keyed to bravery, then Phantasmagoria immediately gains utility that it's never had before. If it's a simple 4+/2+ then it's another random dice roll that we can't manipulate and we can't play the odds on using our inbuilt ability to mess with bravery.
  20. Sure, no problem! For this one I really just adapted the Invaders traits/artefacts and tried to make them a bit more fitting for Sigvald and his retinue. I'll have to go back and look at the Lurid Haze lore provided.
  21. ARTEFACTS OF POWER – TROPHIES OF THE HUBRISTIC HORDES 1 The Rod of Misrule [I don’t think this needs a re-design, it’s genuinely a fantastic artefact that would be a 100% auto-take if the amulet of destiny didn’t exist] 2 Shadeglass Falx A pale reflection of Sigvald’s mighty Shardslash, the Shadeglass Falx nevertheless slices through all but supernatural defences with the greatest of ease. Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Change the rend of that weapon to -3. 3 Casket of Dark Beguilement It is said that the Dark Prince himself whispered into this ornate golden coffer at the Masquerade of the Palace Grandiose, his divine susurrus carrying with it the promise of an eternity of pleasures both carnal and spiritual. So tempting are these promises that they drive the most incorruptible of souls to turn on their very allies in order to pursue them… Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer may nominate an enemy HERO within 12”. You may immediately make a 3” pile-in with that HERO and make an attack with all of their melee weapons as if they were a friendly unit. 4 Shieldslip Standard Emulating the razor-sharp claws of Slaanesh’s favoured handmaidens, no shield or breastplate may stand against the wicked blades of the Hedonite Host when this opulent standard is held aloft. Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, increase the rend of all friendly HEDONITE units by -1 while they are wholly within 12” of the bearer. 5 The Turnblade So bejewelled and fine is this sentient blade that few warriors can refuse its seductive call. Once battle is joined, however, and the blade twists in their grasp, their avaricious folly is revealed in the arc of their own gouting lifeblood… After set-up is completed, but before battle begins, choose one enemy HERO with a melee weapon. If an attack is missed with that weapon, that HERO suffers 1 mortal wound. On an unmodified roll of 1 with that weapon, that HERO instead suffers D3 mortal wounds. 6 Cilice of the Geld-Prince This tined cilice, cinched around the thigh of the wearer, was forged from a splinter of the Geld-Prince’s long-lost weapon from the world that was. The incessant pain is a reminder that, though none can match the speed of Sigvald, imitation is the best form of flattery. Add 2 to any charge rolls made by the bearer.
  22. It's genuinely a fun thought experiment to think of ways to improve our lore/mechanics. If only GW would give them as much love!
  23. I love the idea of these and it reminds me of the Drukhari combat drug ability. I would simplify these somewhat, however, as right now they're a little too close to Aetherquartz (e.g. far too versatile). Similarly to the Drukhari combat drug, perhaps there could be 6 different elixirs, each one of which can be used a single time. After using one, roll a die and on an unmodified 1 take D3 mortal wounds due to overdosing. Love it. Rend is something we really struggle with, with only a handful of special characters having better than -1, and it eliminates our locus being reliant on a dice roll. These are fantastic and really feed into Slaanesh's decadent/artistic theme. However, the Waltz of Sloth is waaaaaayyyyy too powerful. High-CV spells revolve around messing with movement, and so to give a 12" bubble of half movement in a game that often lives and dies on movement is far too overpowered. I'd modify it to this: Waltz of Sloth: at the start of the hero phase, pick an enemy unit within 12" of this hero. That unit must roll 2D6, adding 2 to the result if this hero is THE MASQUE. If the modified result is greater than the bravery characteristic of that unit, it must halve all normal moves, retreats, runs and charges until the start of your next hero phase. I'd also make the Ballet of Lust only affect one unit, too. I think the Tango of Vainglory is within line of similar abilities of other factions, as I believe Nurgle has that Bilepiper with a bubbled buff.
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