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  1. Luckily i started the army by shadow and pain box set so most of my army are melusai.
  2. Not sure how popular/unpopular DOK is but one of the problems i have is that it doesn’t feel like a complete army to me. To me, it feels so weird when your battleline is some half naked elf with charging pose. Love the story and Morathis though. And it seems that the only personality this army have is Morathi herself. Almost no other named character here.
  3. The point difference between SQ on Cauldron and HQ on Cauldron is 50 (270-220 but SQ and HQ on foot is 10 (100-90). It seems that SQ on Cauldron is quite expensive? or did I miss something? Also, the book (p.67) said each Priest can chant each prayer that they know. Does that means a priest can chant 1 prayer from the general prayer list (2 if with blood sigil) and 1 prayer from the warscroll and 1 for Animated Avatar (if Avatar is in the army)? I think the correct answer is 1 prayer per priest but want to make sure.
  4. If I include a allied wizard, can she learn the spell in DOK book? I was thinking about bringing a Darkelf Sorceress and dreadspear for her blood scarifies ability to cast Mindrazor more consistently.
  5. I would go for 2 shadow and pain first since It comes with more battlelines snake lady body.
  6. 2d6 added together. At the double make the whole thing 6inches.
  7. I don’t think so. The run roll result is treated as 6, regardless of the number of dice you have rolled.
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