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  1. This is exactly what makes them simple to get into at any level of experience, sure its not a lot of variety, but you get most of the range and that's exactly why I love it ( poor variety compared to other armies) However many start collecting boxes you require they shall all serve you well, Maybe just one or two max for the Mortvane box because 3 or more Archregants wont really see much play starting into them. If you don't want the resin Varghulf, its not terrible with converting bits from the flayer/horror and terrorgeist's bits from the start collecting box in a pinch, but its a start to making it look better for you.
  2. I think most people have recently become aware of the shadow edits, it is what it is. I'm not arguing its not happening. I definitely feel the message was sent to us: Just deal with it. We as consumers ( the heart investors) can choose not support it if that is required as individuals. Go with whatever you gotta do to send them a message, but I suggest sending it the same passive tone of Just deal with it.
  3. From reading the first edition battletome I gotta say the flavor was there and it had a ton of very unique and individuality that carved their runes into age of sigmar. I feel for those that wanted it in 2.0 and 3.0. Thank you for sharing your perspective! It will be an interesting project because I never gave them much thought before 2.5 AOS. I find myself interested in where they could expand.
  4. Probably. Would be an interesting B-day for me to witness a 25th pre-order I'll say that.
  5. Path to glorious paper work 3.0 for me. I have gone through the book so many times, roughly 48 or so pages back to back of making adaptations, but as usual, the fundamental core system does not want this because its going to bog down any chance to get a game in. Spend more time reading how to play and what even to do vs the short gameplay feels intentional to me. I would just like this looked at by GW and to listen to the people who give feedback: I want to play this system and ultimately enjoy it more than once, but until I can make a whole new one or update PTG3.0, Either way I have this on hold because I don't have the time for it sadly.
  6. I like how these are turning out, great to see more of what you post here. Yeah the posing with building a lot of the fantasy khorne juggernauts and the chaos knights especially are fairly flexed out like they are hyped about this new weight lift exercise Skarrbrand mentioned in a feverous rant. I like the placement of your scenic stuff, improves the gaps between the cork decently. If you happen to use any texture pastes I recommend trying them out too; as a blending texture instead as normally used. Fun experiment if you use it without precision.
  7. I really like how you separated the warm colours and cool but still kept the models interesting to look at top to bottom. Bases are colourful and that itself is great contrast on the muted tones on the lamb friends. Glad to see your 500pt project come together!
  8. Agreed. I've seen this too often with the stratagems of recent editions, all about damage cap or you die from it, maybe we'll see objectives gone soon too, not a lot of support in the 3.0 or 9th edition 40k books of my own observations. Maybe this is why the game is designed about the first mosh pit is the win or lose strategy they imply? Idk, not enough data on this to give any real answer. I would like stormcast to get some interesting objective capitalization concepts other armies cant do. But I expect it being about stopping power and making the mosh pit less risky for them.
  9. I agree with feeling how the lore should impact the design. I personally think 1 damage is alright, but as you say they don't feel like standard infantry, but they cant have every tool at their disposal. If they added equipment one day like 40k this would be a different. AOS design is to keep the utility focused around picking a specific unit to do a niche instead of using a generalized unit and upgrading them. I think the idea should be explored ( not experiment release) but not at all like 40k, it needs to be new and fresh if my interest is wanted.
  10. Hunters are under-appreciated for their sculpts and allows some movement for making action poses fairly easy to do, which is great to see. I've done a lot of kitbashes and conversions with their parts on many non stormcast projects. Sure it can be busy to look at, but you could remove stuff and its not too glaring.
  11. I have a hard time explaining it, but my personal tests with the system was not enough time to understand how to make improvements myself, but its just okay I feel. I just think they needed more time making this feel like a campaign than a fairly barren system with too many words and little impact. I feel if you are someone who wants to build off this system, this is exactly what I'm doing, so far its hard but I'm getting somewhere. But if you use this exactly as intended, it leaves a lot to be desired for narrative fun.
  12. Yeah I agree, a lot of odd/off role purposes they intended and it cascades from there. Summarizes 3.0 in my recent game especially.
  13. Notice how little is said now in this thread compared to before. speaks loud enough of the outcome these points essentially.
  14. Hello fellow lambs of chaos, would anyone here be interested in me posting here on TGA for a future beasts of chaos 3.0 ruleset? Similar in design to my other postings to be compatible with 3.0 core rules and have multiple functions. Any and all feedback welcomed as normal. I likely will need a few weeks of R&D, however.
  15. Might I suggest looking at this if you are interested? feel free to use it as you wish and modify it. Any critique and comments about it are welcome, even if you hate it more than Vanguard Hunters. Not a replacement, just a WIP open for opinions. https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/29456-homebrew-army-stormcast-exalted-totally-not-another-remake-project/
  16. Their loss, interest will pick up to the community and maybe someone makes something
  17. From my observations, I cannot speculate that much because its mostly the current information to get people caught up or interested at a starting point. Not much specific details I could mention
  18. Shrooms of Gork it is then, never a finer processor
  19. Another thing I'll mention. We need changes here on this thread because this always goes round to some extent daily and I'm sure the mods are tired of babysitting this thread like a day job. We have the news thread, lets go use it and stop using this as general chat. I suggest renaming this to that is a first step to something. Mods I ask out of desire to contribute creatively and constructively and allow others to freely do so here without worrying about the negativity. Where can we go from here to make it easier on you as people to manage this because the current system is not working and brings us to the boiling point as many have mentioned today.
  20. I think people are mostly over the delays and have understood its part of life until changes come after Covid-19 is "under control". Its become about exactly what they don't say. We can take the rough news, because its news and informs us, its when you are not informed about quite literally anything until the last possible minute can come on to some as highly questionable and controversial. This leads to the constant speculation and doubt everyone currently experiences to some level especially here on this thread. We all know how its turning out right now, I dont need to talk about the effects it has had on the community, but they are here and now. Question is now how to deal with this mess ourselves and be productive and not destructive.
  21. Does it boggle you like mentioning Swamp Bogglars over Kruleboyz?
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