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  1. Just a quick question, was The End of Enlightenment any good? Going on vacation and was going to pick up a book to read during it.
  2. Yeah, big bats. I just can’t wait to paint fire wolves when I get them. Wanted a creature heavy army so was just wondering if that was an option.
  3. Man I’m sad now, with the cool cursed city models and all.
  4. I don’t got my battletome yet, are bat swarms still a unit?
  5. Just ordered some gravelords stuff( not much, just the battletome and a unit of skellies) and can’t wait to get back to painting! A little sad to hear they aren’t doing too well in the meta.
  6. What do you guys think Slaves to Darkness will get in 3.0? New marauders? Chaos dragon?
  7. Noooo, a sun banner would be cool, but that’s what converting a for right
  8. Tyrion please, I know we just got new models so I’m ok to wait a little bit but Tyrion better look better than Teclis.
  9. New box set predictions SCE 10 vindicators 5 new archer unit (based off of rumor engine) 3 big Palladian unit (can’t remember their name) 3 new heavy cavalry units 2-3 new heroes No idea on other faction but thinking swamp gobbos 20 swamp gobbo infantry 3 swamp gobbo riders 3 monster units (Fimir?) 1 big monster unit 3 various heroes
  10. Kinda thinking swamp goblins or a swarm type race by the trailer.
  11. Does anyone think that saturday could be a significantly longer reveal show than the previous ones we’ve gotten? If they are revealing AOS 3 (which is what it looks like due to the banners) shouldn’t they give it the attention it deserves?
  12. Definitely painting all my vamps armor in purple after seeing this mini! Might test it on Prince Duvalle...
  13. Looks like a cool centerpiece though, still hoping for a dragon😉
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