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  1. That would make a good Alternate Banshee with little work!
  2. Hi there, Long time listener, first time caller... Any ideas on this list I have so far; Reikenor Lady Olynder Guardian Of Souls Dreadblade Harrow Spirit Torment 20 x Chainrasps 20 x Chainrasps 20 x Chain rasps 6 x Spirit Hosts 10 x Bladegheist Revenants Mourngul Chainguard Battalion Idea on this one is that the chainguard units roll up the board with Olynder and spirit torment being solid and constantly respawned, Olyder possibly peeling off to pass her mortal wound goodness around. Reikenor flys around supporting with some magic and blowing up a couple of smaller units etc with his spell, mourngul supports him in causing havoc/being a distraction as he looks big and scary. 3rd chainrasps and spirithosts jump on objectives / block enemy movement etc. Bladegheists shoot up the side/ come from the underworld to beat up a unit while dreadblade harrow has midnight tome to soul cage their target using his teleport to get where needed. Anything I should change or remove/add to aid in the ideas put across? would 2 x units of chainrasps at 30 be better than 3 @ 20?
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