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  1. The gears underneath are the background art surrounding the rumour engine thumbnail pictures on the Warcom site. It's likely just to represent some kind of "takeover" of the Rumour Engine by the Aeldari.
  2. Yeah if anything I think Kruleboyz were the bigger aspect discouraging people from buying into the box. It's been talked about endlessly on previous pages, but I really think GW hasn't handled the roll out of them very well. Compared to Nighthaunt they feel a bit lacklustre in terms of releases and numbers of models and worse still there was a lot of confused messaging in the lead up to Dominion about whether they'd be their own army or part of OWC etc. Then there's the weirdness of tying them into Kragnos but not really representing this at all well enough and Kragnos himself being a bit of a damp squib in terms of reception despite being the BIG BAD of 3rd edition. The Thunderstrike SCE on the other hand actually got SCE-haters like me to buy into them. Locally there's been a giant jump in SCE players too, new and old, all using the new stuff from Dominion. Any OWC players are still just using Ironjawz though.
  3. Stormcast don't have as many different units as Marines, but they definitely feel like they do. I've been trying to figure out why this is the case and it might just be because a lot of them aren't as distinct, there are no vehicles (obviously) and a lot of the names are just nonsense sounding or completely non-descriptive; the characters especially. Obviously Primaris have that same issue with the names, but at least you sort of know just from hearing the words what a Captain, Chaplain, Apothecary and Techmarine do. What is a Lord-Imperatant? A Knight-Azyros?
  4. It's weird how the AOS scene actually pays attention to the GW metawatch articles and takes them seriously. It's the total opposite of the 40K scene where they're rightly treated as a joke and a bunch of fluff pieces, with other stat sites and places like Goonhammer providing a much more informed and accurate set of data and analysis.
  5. Not really, the AOS side of things has been completely, from an official and "unofficial" (i.e leaks) side of things, been very secretive for a good long while now. Just look at how they've handled 3rd's entire release and compare it to 9th 40K. We had concrete rumours of 9th for a long, long time and the announcement FAQ itself, Codex covers, 3d mock-ups and potato cam footage all leaked like a week before the actual reveal. The way stuff was teased, leaked and previewed for the rest of the releases for the editions is night and day too. Like, it seems to be deliberate company policy to operate under much stricter secrecy for AOS over 40K, for whatever reason that might be.
  6. They're just very bland and boring. While Lumineth are perhaps overly complex, they're at least flavourful and many of their units sell the fantasy they're trying to represent. The Hurakan actually act like you'd expect horse-archer type units to act; hit-and-run parthian style tactics. The Blissbarb Seekers on the other hand do not. They have nothing going for them. No interesting mechanic to make the concept come to life. They go really fast and can shoot. That's the issue with the Slaanesh book.
  7. AOS is instead constant new ranges with like 6 units in total while having multiple other factions with horribly outdated models the same age or older than the Craftworlds range. Neither system is particularly good with regards to sensible release schedules. But hey, I mean, get hype for Chorfs with a mighty 7 units (4 of which are named characters) while Skaven players have to buy individual finecast Poison Wind Globadiers from 1994. I sure am enjoying my investment in Kruleboyz where half of the units are just some redundant boss on a monster.
  8. The Beast Snagga box sold out immediately pretty much everywhere online, however many local brick & mortar stores had stock of it for a while because people just assumed they wouldn't be able to get their hands on it. Once word of that got out then it went pretty quick. Many LGS's were also only allocated like a handful of boxes too so that added to the perceived scarcity and people not bothering. The LE book not selling out quick is also pretty obvious: the kind of people looking to buy the LE book would have already gotten the Beast Snagga box and I personally know plenty of Ork players who haven't even bothered buying the Codex because of how the limited special edition box came out months previously and it forced them into using a certain Russian website to use their new rules. For comparison, the BT box is STILL being sold in certain places. The biggest LGS around here was allocated less boxes of that than the Beast Snaggas and he still has 3 of them which he can't move. The Marine battleforce last year struggled to move off of shelves and was completely outclassed by the Necron one which sold out everywhere immediately. I know a few LGS owners who have said that outside of the Codexes, the Necrons massively outsold the Marine releases in 2020/21 too. GW's sales decisions have as much to do with internal studio enthusiasm as they do actual financial sense. The Drukhari and Necron reboots in 5th were HUGE sellers at the time, but because there was little internal enthusiasm to continue they languished for years without further support. Orks, Tyranids and Tau have historically been strong sellers too and so have Craftworlds. Marines have always been bigger sellers, but a lot of the time it was just that the design studio was honestly full of Marine fanboys who only wanted to make Marine stuff so it became a vicious cycle. I think now however we might have just reached peak Marine saturation. There are plenty of Marine players around here who haven't really bought any of the new releases outside of Indomitus.... because the 2nd Primaris wave was only like 9 months previously from that. And why do they need to buy multi-part kits of stuff they got in Indomitus when they can get the Indom versions for 2nd hand off of Ebay for a fraction of the price? Not only that there has definitely been a shift in the GW design studio culture; there's been a real focus in 9th of updating stuff and bringing more factions up to parity, especially with all the rumours and confirmed leaks we've had recently.
  9. The Maggotkin bundle on the GW store is really tempting but I share peoples apprehension over what they're doing with the next book. I'd really hate to jump in and find the new tome is really bland, unenjoyable and weak. EDIT: Never mind! It's disappeared solving my issues for me.
  10. That Nurgle bundle is an insanely good deal. Is GW okay?
  11. Yeah it's kind of crazy how unimaginative GW are with mechanics like that in AOS. Basically everything listed there is used in 40k (one could say it's relied on a little too much with regards to things like 'Fixed Defence' though) but with AOS there's just so much "MW on hit rolls of 6+" that a lot of units just feel really bland and indistinct from one another.
  12. No-one seriously bought Dominion to make Thunder Warriors. Are you actually serious? In terms of absolute success of Dominion GW will obviously never say anything, but I really can't help but think it has been a disappointment to them, but only out of misplaced expectations. It's like how the Tomb Raider reboot in 2013 "only" sold 4.2 million copies and was considered a financial failure by it's publisher. 4.2 mil is still absolutely insane numbers, but the amount they poured into advertising, a poorly financially managed development and their own ridiculous expectations that Tomb Raider could do CoD numbers lead to the absurdity of a millions-selling game being considered a financial disappointment at best and a failure at worst. Meanwhile Dark Souls went on to sell 3 million copies and was the most successful game that developer had ever made up until that point, so successful the director/creator of the game was promoted to company president. All because they had realistic expectations about sales (which ended up being massively smashed anyway) and budgeted sensibly. With Dominion if it has sold even half of Indomitus that's honestly really, really impressive considering the relative size of the games. From an objective point of view, that's pretty good. But considering this was meant to be a limited-run box and they produced potentially more of it than they did Indomitus, how pleased will the GW suits really be with its performance? This was not meant to still be on sale 4 months later with a 30% discount off on the webstore. They clearly also did not want it still taking up shelf space by the time the starter sets were coming out.
  13. He's not talking about those youtubers; he's talking about battle report channels like WintersSEO and Tabletop Titans.
  14. As I've said before, Indomitus broke something within GW. I know 3 LGS owners who noticed a change in the GW reps personnel after Indomitus; lotta new people with 0 experience or knowledge about the wargaming industry and hobby trying to force obscene numbers of orders for some of the new boxes. Because Indomitus sold so well, ergo every other big box release must sell equally as well. It's like GW can't look at their own financials and the past insane 4 years and not notice that everything is still being carried along by Space Marines. And this isn't to say their other products aren't profitable; that is the stupidity that killed WHFB afterall in that it was still a profitable game, it just didn't pull in Marine numbers and so they had to make Fantasy Marines and kill the game off to make that happen. (which hasn't led to the sales explosion they were hoping) It's still happening today; there's a queue system for this new KT box when the last KT box didn't even sell out in any insane amount of time. You can still find it on shelves in a few places. And it's not like it did poorly either, but we're a year and a half out of Indomitus and even other Marine releases aren't selling the same at the rate that it did, but GW keeps expecting it to happen.
  15. It's actually the opposite for me. Absolute silence about the future of a system is often poison to continued interest in it. This is why there was so much hype and momentum for 9th in its first year and why 3.0 has basically landed with a damp squib. We know NOTHING about the future of the system at this point whereas this same time last year we knew that the Marine supplements were incoming with Death Guard, Drukhari, Sisters, Admech and Orks too. In the lead-up to the first Codex releases we had extensive month-long previews and leaks about what was actually coming for Marines and Necrons too which helped people plan and get ready for them. Part of why Kruleboyz don't seem to have lit the world on fire is because in the lead-up to Dominion GW's messaging about them was all over the place and we didn't get any sanctioned image leaks of them either. GW seem very ready to leak stuff for 40K which helps to keep its momentum going whereas there's this culture of silence surrounding AOS. It's very bizarre.
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