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  1. Musician- count the number of enemy units within 12" and roll a d6. If the result is higher than the number of enemy units you get +1 to charge. Banner- roll 2d6 and subtract 1 for every enemy unit within 12", and -2 for every enemy unit within 3", if the result is higher than your leadership add 1 to your leadership. Champion- roll a d6, on a 6 you get +1 attack. I'm being facetious of course, but it does seem in line with the abilities we've seen so far.
  2. I had a hard time finding an eReader too, and was also not impressed with customer service on this particular issue (I've otherwise had wonderful experiences with gw service) In the end I found that lithium was the only eReader that I could get to work.
  3. I'm hoping the Mouth of Mork, who might be a special character, and might be riding a scorpion-tailed bat, is a powerful spellcaster and not just another killaboss (if he even exists)
  4. I'm a little fuzzy on the rules for what can and can't be taken. Theoretically, say I take Stormcast as my book. I take 3 battleline and a leader. Now the rules say 1 in 4 could be allies that don't exclude you from taking Stormcast allegiance, so if I played MSU I could still bring IDK, KO and FS as token units without losing my allegiance abilities. But what if I take more? I lose the allegiance abilities but could I still go to a tournament with a legal, albeit self-nerfed army?
  5. Does anybody know if Lethisian Defenders have survived the transition to AoS3? I've been telling myself if the allegiance gets removed that I could make it work with grand alliance order but it seems like that might not be an option anymore.
  6. I'm stoked for a new warclans book. Something is worrying though; between Kragnos and the Swampcaller both having abilities that can negatively impact your own army, I fear GW might be reinvesting in the concept of team killing dim-wittery as a defining theme of destruction forces. Which, while flavorful does make me flash back to the bad old days of greenskin animosity. I'm interested to see if venom crusted weapons will be one of the allegiance abilities that has a parallel ability in the big waaagh!. I'm really looking forward to having some shooting and artillery available!
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