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  1. Its on the wave serpent wings. Looks almost the same imo. Shaved head + ponytail. Qulathis found some kurnothi friends?
  2. Yes i want all the rumours and wishlisting. Hype!
  3. I have to agree that its not a good box to buy multiples of. Also the killaboss on foot and the hobgrots go for almost nothing on secondhand market sites.
  4. I would like some more Spiderfang rumours, might add some Skaven or Beasts of Chaos in the mix for a box set. More about the new Nighthaunt monster would be awesome and some kind of confirmation about Kurnothi to change things up. Thanks in advance GW! (could add a new phoenix lord for 40k, wont mind that one)
  5. I wonder if it sold that badly. Maybe there was a case of oversupply or maybe it had to do with the bad economy in general. But i see a lot of talk about people playing kruleboyz or at least giving them a try. Just look at the kruleboyz discussion on this site. Have they ever shared something about bad sales?
  6. I've seen a rumour going around of this being the glove of a new avatar of khaine model. Wanted to share it.
  7. I think the design looks dwarven, might even be a helmet.
  8. Seems fyreslayers but could also be something from sisters or salamanders. This makes me more excited: This week we’ve heard rumours of another engine, more marvellous and obscure than this, revealing a new picture every day ‘til Christmas. Not that this one’s bad, you understand. We’re just very excited about this other, newer one.
  9. I agree, i love the random/risky factor. It feels like what playing gitz should feel like. The damage just is nowhere to be found.
  10. How do i use Squig Hoppers and Squig Herds? I got a small game in but i got destroyed. Had a Squig Herd on a objective trying to hold it but i lost a few and a battleshock test took the rest. I just couldnt seem to trample a unit with the Hoppers. Do i need some kind of screen or did i just have bad rolls? Do i need to babysit the squig herd? Where do i position the Loonboss on Squig or do i use him to hunt down other leaders? I think i'm doing something very wrong. Also for a 1000p list. Should i best run 1x herd with 2x hoppers or 2x herd with 1x hoppers?
  11. GW is doing what i did as a 12 year old when internet became a thing and i was nerding out claiming all kind of domain names just because i could. They make up ridiculous names for units for the sake of copyrighting stuff. Also GSG really need a new battletome asap. They feel so underwhelming even for such a luck based faction. Its so bad it almost becomes comical. I just picture soft squigly squigs bouncing around like people in sumo suits trying to hurt someone. Or Spiderfang with their toy bows dressing up like indians. Troggs are kind of ok i guess.
  12. Didnt get to finish the Squig Hoppers this month so i will try to finish them next month. I did manage to get a game in with me playing GSG vs Nighthaunt (i own both armies). I did get destroyed but it was fun. My Dankhold Troggoth got erased by a unit of Spirit Hosts rolling 10 6's out of 18 attacks before rerolls. Also set up a table with trees i gathered from a model train store and some rocks i build myself (still need some more paint). It was the first time i got something nice set up at my own place, really happy about that.
  13. I want to finish painting up the Squig Hoppers from last month that are almost done. I want to build a Troggboss and paint it. Stretch goal: Paint Mollogs mob and Rippas Snarlfangs. Other goals: Get a bunch of new stuff for christmas to add to pile of shame.
  14. I think if they remove or nerf the IJ melee ability they lose the one trick they have and be a bit boring. I like the simplicity of orruks. They look like they smash face and thats what they do best. I love them for that.
  15. Gordrakk? If he doesnt change that only makes him 10 points more expensive than the Maw-Krusha.
  16. I dont know if i want to believe any more silent people rumours. I think those were aimed at the red harvest spidery dudes. Dont think we will see anything similar anytime soon. With the last rumour engine it also seems we were right about something in the ocean/lava picture. Could also be a deepkin dragon.
  17. Deepkin infiltrated Warhammer World! Huge Leak! https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/5892
  18. Getting closer to finishing these hoppers. Did some more work on the riders. Still need to clean up some mistakes and paint some small details. Couldnt seem to remember what colour i used to highlight the robes on the boss.
  19. Cant all perform the super hero landing pose. (would be one epic looking army though)
  20. I must confess i am being a bit of a hypocrite here. If these were orruks on wyverns i would have insta bought them and wouldnt complain about costs XD.
  21. This one is awesome. Job well done. How did u manage to get the swamp effects on the base?
  22. Agreed. Could buy 2 start collecting boxes for that kind of money. Thats almost a full army in some cases. Do we have an juicy rumours for destruction going on? Its way to quit for the era of the beast...
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