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  1. I hope it looks something like these combined into one. also this
  2. These are way to similar to the patterns found on the black coach to not be a Nighthaunt model imo.
  3. Sorry Vampirates i want my Nighthaunt Flying Dutchman model now. Hype.
  4. I would like new rangers. But i wish gw would do something about this. I'll keep on dreaming i guess XD.
  5. Keeps us of the streets XD. New maneaters would be awesome.
  6. I like to build minis. Love building a 130 parts model to be honest. Would be sad if things became singlecast. I dont really mind for some leaders. Some of them are just a few parts anyway.
  7. They have to do a Kraken warband with a head on a base and a few tentacles on different bases!
  8. Quick question while we are lacking any rumours anyway. I own Mollogs Mob and Rippas Snarlfangs, can i play those straight out of the box with the basic starter set? Or would i miss some of the rules/tokens/dice? Still hyped for Harrowdeep, give me a spiderfang warband please.
  9. I agree with this. Since i started with WHFB things have become way more beginner friendly. We need less models to get an army together. We have better and more diverse paints. We have smaller systems like warcry and underworlds. Youtube/this forum are still teaching me new stuff about painting and motivates me to try new things. Imo now is a great time to get into this hobby. And to be honest many hobbies are expensive if u want to do it properly or compete in some form. Still having no free warscolls sucks . Edit: Oh and every army getting released looks better than the one before it. Would be a nightmare to pick one to start with haha.
  10. Has a releasedate for harrowdeep been revealed somewhere? It would be nice before xmas .
  11. Misleading information can be illegal. Dont know the details though. Edit: I am not saying GW isnt agressive in protecting their ip in general. But in this case i agree with them.
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