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  1. I still really hope we see the return of Valaya, that possibly being the instigator for Grimnir's restoration in turn.
  2. Honestly... I think widespread souping is a good idea. Early AoS's habit of taking hyper-narrow unit selections from WHFB armies and trying to turn them into whole factions has resulted in some unsatisfying results, and there are currently so many factions that it's going to take most of an edition cycle to get the bulk of them updated to the new rules. Order in particular needs it, with its tidal wave of factions. I hope DoK and the theorised Umbraneth get souped together along with the lingering Dark Elf stuff from CoS; slap any new Kurnothi in with Sylvaneth; soup any new Duardin in wi
  3. That chap doesn't seem to have any hair in the pic. Overall, though, I agree that the shape of the plate on the left side of the picture makes me think more 40k Orks than AoS Ironjawz at the moment.
  4. So from the GHB points changes, there was a thing showing Khorne have lost Tzeentch as a viable ally and just have Nurgle now (and non-marked StD). Does anyone know if the other mono-god armies also lost ally options with their fellow god lists?
  5. Looks like some real points jumps there for the Stormcast, rising even higher than the GHB points values - are Stormcast finally gonna become the genuinely elite army they were always portrayed as? Edit: Though interestingly, the new Vindictor spear-chaps have gone down in points. Wonder if there's hope yet for Hobgrotz and Gutrippaz to see a drop too?
  6. Most people could get the boxes they wanted from GW due to them actually producing a decent stock for once, so as a result much fewer folks need to look to LGSs, and you'll then get any scalpers who did buy a pile of Dominion boxes facing the reality that they can't actually sell 'em for high prices so need to offload them. From GW's point of view, things probably worked out fine. Most LGSs are probably fine as well - they take registers of interest etc ahead of time. As the guy in the Battle Bunker pic admitted in that thread, he gambled on high demand and bought loads of boxes, presumab
  7. I don't play Nurgle but I'd be pretty excited to see a Nurgle marauder equivalent, a unit or two of Pestigor types, maybe a Pestigor hero.
  8. I mean, they *did* say they'd made a lot of boxes this time. I assume they learned from the Indomitus and Cursed City releases, to be honest.
  9. A friend secured his copy and is splitting with me, so I'll be taking the Kruleboyz off his hands. Seems to have gone mostly without a hitch!
  10. If I remember correctly, Redeploy explicitly calls out that you can't shoot later in the same turn that you use it. Redeploy happens in the movement phase, Unleash Hell in the charge phase, so you can't use them together.
  11. Sure. Someone made a spreadsheet here: GHB 2021 changes - Google Sheets and there's a post on the Disciples of Tzeentch FB group where someone's taken the stats here and put them in order by faction from least to most.
  12. The Lumineth points rises place them firmly in the third of armies who saw the greatest increase. They're no Tzeentch or DoK, sure, but 18 factions saw lower price rises than them and only 5 saw more. I know everyone obsesses over Sentinels but Lumineth are going to have a lot fewer points left for those Sentinels after covering everything else.
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