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  1. Tyrion was titled as prince in WHFB, so might be a reference to him if they're going to stick with the aelven gods theme of naming.
  2. Lumineth also had an unusually tiny number of warscrolls with their initial release, iirc, even by small faction standards.
  3. I suspect the 'llama' is either a sphiranx-riding Lumineth hero, given the sphinxes of Hysh indicating the possibility of a nobler strain of sphiranx than the mindstealer in the sphinx's image, or it's Tyrion and his sun-symbolizing sphinx like Celennar is moon-linked with Teclis, and Tyrion flat-out rides his sphinx to battle. Not sure it looks quite elaborate enough to be Tyrion, but... could be him.
  4. Yeah, looks like: - Lumineth cloud-rider of some kind? - Lumineth rider on something that I think is more Sphiranx-like than horse-like? - Witch hunter/vampire hunter! - Some dead-looking chaps? - Big ol' new Slaanesh special character/carriage.
  5. So, as we stand on the threshold of the new year and the impending Slaanesh second wave release - what would people want or hope to see in a purely hypothetical Tzeentch second wave? Obviously it's unlikely we'd see one any time soon - we're better set for mortals than Slaanesh were or Nurgle are, and there's lots of other armies in dire need of expansion first - but I'm absolutely champing at the bit for an expansion of the mortal ranks. Imagining a similar scheme to Slaanesh, I guess we'd see a special character, dual-kit chaos warrior equivalent, and 1-2 more kits plus characters. I'm craving Tzeentch-flavoured warrior sculpts and warscrolls; I'd also love to see Aekold Helbrass come back, or a new inheritor of his power. The gift of life was really interesting and different while helping show the weird scope of Chaos, and it'd be a great excuse to expand Tzeentch-related plots into the Realms of Life and/or Death. I'd also want to see awful, majestic arcane war engines. I keep thinking of the Winged Terror and Bale Towers from old Man O'War...
  6. Happy Christmas all! My wife surprised me with some new paint racks, some paints to add to my existing pile, a Tzaangor Shaman and Curseling, and finally a new angle-poise magnifying lamp - a pretty great haul of stuff. Now I can actually get my desk set up as a proper little painting area!
  7. And it's.... *drumroll* ...a new Hedonites of Slaanesh battletome!
  8. Happy Xmas all! Got a Curseling, Tzaangor Shaman, some paints, some paint racks, and an awesome magnifying lamp to help with painting so I'm pretty pleased here! Intrigued to see what the reveal's gonna be.
  9. Makes me think something Middle Earth related.
  10. Yeah, could we be seeing a return of something like the old Vampire Counts? Splitting it into vampires and 'meaty' undead in one army, skeletal undead in the Ossifex, ghostly undead in the Nighthaunt?
  11. Is there a use for any of the AoS warscroll versions of the Warcry Chaos Cults? Thinking of getting some of the Iron Golems or Cypher Lords just to mix up with my Chamon Tzeentch army's acolyte models, but I'm curious to know if they're actually a worthy pick in their own right.
  12. The re-use of the name 'Seekers' from the daemonette cavalry is confusing me, to be honest. We now have Seekers, who are daemon close combatants on steeds of Slaanesh, Blissbarb Seekers, who are mortal archers possibly on steeds of Slaanesh but possibly something else, and Slickblade Seekers who are mortal close combatants with the same uncertain nature of their mount. Blissbarb Seekers at least have an obvious difference in battlefield purpose from Seekers and Hellstriders, but I'm not sure what the Slickblades are supposed to provide that the other two melee cav don't already?
  13. So for agendas, it sounds like it's generally a good idea to be flexible based on how the game's going, falling back on Mass Conjuration otherwise since we're mostly gonna be casting a lot of spells anyway? Sounds good to me! I know Tzaangor are generally not rated that highly at the moment, but with a successful Reckless Abandon agenda and 9+ models they're putting out, what, 6+ attacks per model which seems pretty solid even if the Vicious Beak part of it isn't as impressive!
  14. Honestly, I figure they're 'just' a missile cavalry version of Hellstriders, same mounts but different weapons loadout.
  15. Hey folks! I'm a new AoS player, returning player of GW wargames in general, after some friends have taken up the new game and gotten my keen up for good old Tzeentch. As well as getting a pile of models to stick together and paint, I've been mulling over the battletome. Skimming over this thread has given me a lot of good ideas already, but I'm curious about the agendas in particular, as they don't seem to get talked about that much. Is there a go-to agenda for the first turn? General priorities about getting them done? Are they even a significant part of gameplay for us, or just nice freebies that occasionally give you a bit of a boost but can't really be folded into a plan as such? Things that struck me off an initial look over them were that Mass Conjuration seems good with a Lord of Change's Mastery of Magic ability, while Reckless Abandon looks really good but also like you'd need to set aside good Destiny Dice to ensure it goes off - too risky for a unit you *really* want to get a charge in with otherwise.
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