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  1. I mean, wave 2 would be one thing, but a wave 2 where they show a second wave model along with first wave models before those first wave models are even out seems... unlikely?
  2. Also, for the compulsory Sludgeraker: If taking a Snatchaboss, what do people think for ward save protection? Amulet of Destiny, or Egomaniak?
  3. So our magic's in a bit of a funny place. Great spells, but reasonably high casting values and our Swampcalla's are going to spend a lot of their time on poisons and elixirs - which of course makes them fantastic even in oppressive magic metas since we'll still get a lot of value out of them. It does mean, though, that we're not likely to be making that many casting attempts in a game just with Swampcallas. Gobsprakk opens things up a bit with his two casts, of course. The Mouth of Mork does feel reasonably priced for what he brings, but I'm still struggling to fit him in to most of the lists I'm eyeing after a Sludgeraker, piles of Boltboyz and Gutrippaz, along with mandatory Swampcallas and a Killaboss for battleshock protection. Arcane Tome as a second artefact on the Killaboss might open up a bit more spellcasting flexibility though. I started looking at Endless Spells. We don't need stuff that causes mortal wounds, and without Spell Portal stuff like Soulsnare Shackles feels more liability than anything else. The most interesting option there seems to me to be the Emerald Lifeswarm, which could give a bit more resilience to our army, whether keeping Gutrippaz in the fight or protecting the vital Sludgeraker.
  4. Sludgeraker cheaper than I was worried it might be, which makes the cost of the vulture surprisingly high by comparison.
  5. At a reduced 80 points per, they're not terrible - a decent enough mass of cheap bodies for screening, zoning, and objectives. I'd be inclined to bring a unit or two along for those purposes.
  6. Given we saw some quite stark price drops across a lot of the Dominion characters, while Stormcast saw their prices generally go up since the GHB adjustments, I wonder if going forward Kruleboyz will actually be quite noticeably cheap by comparison to other factions.
  7. No, sadly you need to go Big Waaagh to mix the clan units.
  8. I'm cautiously optimistic but yeah, frustrated by the lack of core options. This really feels like a faction lacking one or two key units to open up its flexibility and possibilities. What does surprise me is that both the mirebrute and sloggoth aren't monsters. When we first saw the previews I thought it made sense for GW to go heavy on monsters for the new faction what with the new edition's monster buffs, but then we didn't get that so much after all.
  9. If they aren’t doing free warsCrolls anymore, and the stuff in the box is just this weird truncated version with only a stat line, how are we gonna get the warsCroll for the new Kruleboyz underworld unit anyway?
  10. The Dirty Trick that lets you boot some enemy units off the field into reserve seems potentially really good.
  11. So new/revised subfactions now just give a bonus effect and don't seem to lock in your general's trait and artefact choices.
  12. Oh thank ****** the battletomes are finally gonna be here.
  13. Sticking an Underworlds model by himself rather than with the rest of his gang would also be rather odd. They *did* say they had one or two surprises left for the Warclans book, to be fair.
  14. I'd say Gutrippa unit champion, except two rumour engines focusing on one model that's just a unit champion seems a bit odd.
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