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  1. I would love if they did a warband from each realm for Cities of Sigmar. Like they did for Chaos, with mixed races and such.
  2. A Duardin-esque Raven figure head? Might tie into the Grombrindal/Odin idea
  3. In terms of start collecting boxes for the new edition, what’s missing? I’m expecting the exclusive sprues of Soul Wars will be moved to a Nighthaunt SC and Sacrosanct SC. Is it just Lumineth and OBR that don’t have one after that?
  4. I know Kragnos has divided opinions but I really like him. His presence reminds me of commensalism in the natural world, with smaller scavengers attaching themselves to the larger predator. He can go of rampaging across the realms and the tides of worshippers follow in his wake picking up the scraps without him even being fully aware of them. He also gives me hope that Destruction won’t just become the every shade of green alliance. I get that him not tying into any existing faction aesthetically is jarring for some, and I do hope he gets his own faction, but I still think he can work without that. A Dothraki-esque horde of Drogrukh would be ace, perhaps adopting Beastmen in a similar way to hobgrots within Kruelboys without negating the existence of Beasts of Chaos. I’m excited to see what they do with him, as I thinks there’s a lot of potential there for a really cool character.
  5. Another look at some of the new terrain
  6. They may do something similar to Duncan Rhodes painting academy, whilst keeping the simpler painting guides for Warhammer TV. Possibly include some battle reports from the WarCom team as well as the podcast / interview stuff.
  7. If only there was an existing faction that fit this description... Nothing comes to mind though... 🤔 Also if the rumours are true, I feel like Sigmar sending his new and improved Stormcast and Dragons to fight a bunch of swamp goblins is a slight misallocation of resources!
  8. Hard to tell so far obviously but I would guess, based on some of the rumours, that this is a sort of expansion to the warrior and / or extremis chamber. Yeah that’s a great shout actually. The arrows were the thing that were derailing my theory! The judicator arrows have a metal loop and comet trails at the end if I remember correctly. Also the quiver in the bottom right of that rumour engine looks less well crafted than I’d expect from any kind of organised military force.
  9. The rumour engine from yesterday looks like it’s a trophy being carried on the waist as opposed to a shoulder thing. Ties in to the beast slayer idea of Yndrasta, plus that store anniversary model is carrying a bullgor head. Could be another indication of where the Stormcast aesthetic is going for this edition, at least in some of the character models. Although those arrows look less forged like you would expect from a Stormcast model...
  10. Agree with the Stormcast perspective. They are, much like SM’s, not just the protagonist of their setting, but the brand identity and the ones that will do most of the heavy lifting in terms of marketing. It stands to reason that GW want them to look the best they can. I feel this is perhaps a soft reboot of the warrior chamber in order to bring the design quality up to the standards of recent releases. If you look at the original AOS release compared to now, there is a noticeable shift in aesthetic whether that’s attributed to better technology or different miniature designers I’m not sure. re Duardin, merging Kharadron makes no sense to me. They are one of the most isolationist factions by nature and have a very unique aesthetic. Fyreslayers on the other hand, owing to the fact they exist in “lodges” and often act as mercenaries, I can see how they might be merged with a more classical Duardin force. Finally, I’m not sure what exactly this next Destruction faction will be, but I think there is a good chance at some point this edition we get some kind of refresh or substantial Beastmen release. They mentioned this is the “Era of the Beast”, the edition cover art features Yndrasta fighting what looks like Chaos Spawn, and for the most part the setting will focus on Ghur. Also Kragnos...
  11. The cover art shows Yndrasta fighting a multi-eyed monster too! It looks more Chaos-y which go’s against the greenskinz theory though...
  12. Are Order of Azyr and the Knights of Azyr the same thing? I was under the impression Emelda Braskov and the Witch Hunters were from two serperate forces within COS.
  13. Yeah most of the stuff previewed this week has been stuff coming out over the next couple of months, so Saturday could be a bunch of hints and teasers for what’s coming later this year!
  14. I think Kragnos is my favourite model GW have ever made as of right now. All of the SGL stuff is incredible too, the miniature design quality has come on tenfold from even just a few years ago when AOS was first released. His backstory really evokes the theory I had of him being from a race of Dothraki like centaurs, him being the Khal Drogo like figurehead who leads them owing simply to his sheer force and might. Whilst I would love for him to get his own faction to tie in aesthetically (holy hell the verdigris on that shield and armour is awesome!) I’m just super happy Destruction have their own God model now. My only complaint is that the best beastmen model ever sadly can’t even be used by them! I’m still holding out for destruction beastmen one day though. Also I noticed the music from the Kragnos model trailer is very Mongolian harp / the Hu sounding which could lend credence to the new destruction army rumours perhaps?
  15. Is anyone else seeing Sigvalds sword arm or have I just stared at the pixels for too long?
  16. I’ve a feeling Kritza the rat prince and the witch hunters may have initially been intended for a cursed city expansion. Regardless of whether they reprint it though, I’m sure at the very least they will release the models separately like they did with the indomitus stuff recently.
  17. The only models released separately from the previous iterations of Warhammer Quest were those on individual sprues. The only Cursed City model likely to get a seperate release therefore is Radukar, unless they do what they did with the Indomitus sprues.
  18. I wouldn’t fret about the rules atm, worst case scenario they don’t get revamped in the Soulblight book, you can always use most of the models as great proxies or alternate sculpts for existing stuff. Halgrim = Wight King, Vargskyr = Vargulf etc.
  19. Not sure, but it mentions Tyrion being preoccupied with something more powerful than Nagash. Could be Malerion?
  20. Yeah my feeling is zombie ogres to tie in the Korsargi Nightguard. The weapons are really throwing me off. They look like excessively long scimitar’s or glaives.
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