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  1. I started playing AoS recently, having gotten into Stormcast Eternals via Warhamer Underworlds. I'm wondering if I'm missing any key units or characters. Here is my current list of stuff I have for my SE (which I'm painting and playing as Hammers of Sigmar). Vandus Hammerhand Astreia Solbright Gavriel Sureheart Knight-Incantor Lord-Relictor Averon Stormsire & Cursebreakers Steelheart's Champions The Farstriders 10 Liberators w/Hammer & Shields 5 Liberators w/Sword & Shields 5 Sequitors, 3 w/Mace & Shield, 2 w/Grandmace 10 Judicators 10 Retributors (but only two Starsoul Maces) 3 Prosecutors w/2x Hammers Looking forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.
  2. Hi, I'm new to these forums and more or less still new to Age of Sigmar. I dabbled in Fantasy Battle back in 4th edition but had always been a 40K fan, having played every edition since it debuted in 87-88. I'm very interested in AoS due to Warcry (which I've also just started playing) and Underworlds. My current army is Stormcast Eternals and I'm always looking for tips on how to play them. I only play with painted armies (big fan of Legends of the Painty Men) in any game I play. Looking forward to getting into the game and hearing from you all. Sincerely, Steven Groom Iowa City (Iowa), US
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