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  1. Cheers for the video recomendation, I shall take a look. I do like the look of LoA both model and his Warscroll - so he probably will be in the line up. I will be probably getting a Harbinger of Decay as well, so will alternate them as needed, unless I find a list that works with both in! Thanks for the wisdom! I have the Contorted Eptimome in my Slannesh army and it is a great model, causes problems for the other side, as long as you can protect well.
  2. Interesting with the Plaguebearers, I did wonder if they could be used effectively as, maybe this is an unpopular opinion, I really like the models. So thats good to know, and maybe a great use along side BKs. What sort of fast moving heros would you recomend? I did have a look at a sorcerer, and think I will pick one up to have in resevre for the battles that might need him. On a side note, If I were to use allies I would take Potentially Bela'kor due to the gnarly ability he has to distrupt units or heros that pose a threat. I have a feeling the friend that recomended him, regrets it.
  3. Yeah, Wow, did not realise they had that much move potential. That is some epic stats for movement. Great list as well! Seems like BK heavy is the way forward, they do seem pretty heavy hitters in combat, so I can see the attraction of taking 20 of them in one unit!
  4. Thanks for this, The creative side of this sounds interesting, little project for the side. Not sure on my modeling abilities to be totally honest, so may just pick him up, so he actually resembles the character. Looks like a GUO is making its way into my army, Will invest in more BKs, but also look into the Chaos Mauraders as my only gripe with nurgle was it was slower, but I suppose coming from Slaanesh a lot of things will be slow! Thanks for the Knowledge, Really helped with knowing what is necessary espcailly for the buffs.
  5. Hey, Quick Question, I am currently looking to build a Nurgle army, Already have 3k + points of Slaanesh so sticking with the Chaos Theme, But the more I look into the army for Nurgle the less it actually helps me knowing where to begin. I already have a Maggotkin of Nurgle; Rotbringer Start Collecting box and another set of 5 BKs from a friend, but was wondering if anyone could help point me in my next direction to help get this army to 2k, also quite enjoy playing pure allainces, but open to playing allies aswell. I will mostly battle Mawtribes, Ironjawz, Fireslayers and Bonereapers (friends armies). Thanks for any advice.
  6. I really hope this is the case. A long wait would be hellish.
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