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  1. Ok now I'm sad. Didn't even realise you can already order them and they're gone. And obviously it's the one I wanted. There is still some hope in independent retailers or local stores, but I kind of feel like my dream is dying. Very dissapointed GW once again failed to deliver enough to meet demand
  2. Honestly that would make me even happier, more warbands, more models Although I don't think a flying creature would be logical in cave environments. Kroxigors are kind of feel a connectio with skinks, but now that I think about it, salamanders and razordons also dorely need a new model and are connected with skinks, but that eould probably make for a warband with too much of an emphasis on shooting. So in the end I'm still believing (and frankly, hoping) for a kroxigor and a normal skink or two
  3. Warning, heavy seraphon fanboying ahead OH MY GOOOOOOD! New seraphon models and by Sotek, they're glorious. I loved the chameleon but the priest is even better. I also feel like he's a callback to the old tehenhauin model and I love it. Interesting how they pointed out that his orb/pokeball will have "major implications" for direchasm, I hope it means they'll develop underworlds lore more. I hope that the rest of the warband consists of a kroxigor, a saurus (both of which I really want to see reimagined with modern sculpts) and maybe an additional skink. It's honestly kind funny that this warband makes me more excited than the battletome or realmshaper engine. As for the rest of the warbands I'd guess Vampires, ogres (as much as I'd love it to be some form of insects, somehow I can't see it happen), and obviously ossiarch and idoneth. So basically rip wallet (for the hundredth time)
  4. I find this really interesting. It doesn't seem to fit rest of the vampirate rumour engines. Other hand seemed skinny or pale, whereas this seems like a rather healthy, human hand. Don't think it's aelven either, weapon isn't fancy enough. I don't know what to make out of those lines, could be bite marks as someone mentioned, or maybe warpaint or just general scars, albeit weirdly placed. So I'd say either the speculated vampirates have living servants, or it's a CoS model (which I find more possible, though for Underworlds or a future warhammer quest game)
  5. Didn't necroquake make sylvaneth unable to hear the spirit song? Seems like a pretty good reason to fight, whether to restore it or just take revenge. Although so far they haven't fought much if at all as you say, which I also consider strange, especially with life and death being opposites and all. Fighting undead would be a cool change from nurgle for sylvaneth
  6. So in the end we come to conclusion that visual tastes and opinions are fully imdividual, be it lumineth, twinsouls or anything else. What a revolutionary idea indeed
  7. Btw, KiriothTV on yt said he received info that battleforces will cost 140 £ if I remember correctly. I could be remembering wrong though, considering I watched this video a while ago.
  8. Just that artwork makes me wonder why I hesitated if I should buy the tzeentch battleforce. It's so awesome
  9. So I only recently joined this community and I'm here to share my opinions nobody asked for! 😅 Just as I decide to start collecting tzeentch (btw my 8th army, only one being above 1k points) those gorgeous slaneesh models get released. Why. I'm already poor enough. The myrmidesh guys look so amazing, might be my favourite infantry models released in a long time. The twinsouls aren't as good, but cool too. Kinda surprised they're made from the same kit, considering recent monopose trend and also just how different they look. Would probably leave you with quite some extra bits, which is always good. I don't mind the twinsouls' faces, they kinda creep me out, as they are meant to do. One thing I don't necesarrily like is the horns on Sigvald, not everything chaos needs those to show how evil it is. Would probably cut them of if I were to buy him. As for the rest of the range, I'd guess it'll be archers/spearmen dual kit based on whu warband, slaangors, magician hero and maybe a big centerpiece, tho I somehow doubt that as we had new keeper of secrets not that long ago. S2D warband also looks awesome and the sorcerer continues the great trend of giving nice alternatives for not-so-great older models. Still, was hoping they'll show more of Seraphon warband, but I guess this preview was mostly chaos oriented. Overall, please GW, focus on more space marine codexes so I can stop spending money and reduce my backlog
  10. Well it looks like I'm collecting tzeentch now
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