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  1. Well, I certainly do! Bring them on, it's an insta-buy from me as a starved serphon fan
  2. I personally wouldn't like FEC and Gravelords combined. That's because FEC have really good lore which would be less significant if combined with normal vampires. I also feel like the esthetic of FEC ghouls is strong enough to stay independant faction and get ecpanded. Another thing is that, if Gravelords really do contain vamps, skeletons and zombies, the faction would almost feel too big and varied with ghouls added. Still, their endless spells disappearing (if that really is true) and zombie dragon kit giving options for both ghoul and vampire might be an indication
  3. I just hope my grey plastic tzeentch battleforce from christmas doesn't see the way I look at those shiny new models. I need to get everything besides Gardus (haven't read his book, so he's kinda neutral to me) a couple of lumineth (don't like the twins, caligrapher dude and the cloud rider) and orrukz. Besides them, at some point I'm getting all of those things. I was squealing like a little girl with every reveal. So, who wants to have some nice kidneys?
  4. I love that the seekers of blissbarb seekers use 'poisoned tongues' so they literally lick people to death. So, so slaanesh.
  5. Interestingly enough, it's an ogor head, meaning this spear (and probably it's wielder) are BIG. It also fits with several other REs, one being Gorslav's hook. Potential giant flesh monster serving everyone's favourite gravekeeper?
  6. Hmm could be, but those large teeth would have to be broken from the skull if it was frostsabre's. To me it looks like mandibles. I'm not saying it's from a silent one, but it could be from a silent one
  7. And that gives us an idea what a potential new unit for orruk warclans could be. Savage orruks were never my thing, but they're really killing it with those underworlds bands and I feel like I need each one (at least of the newer ones) despite no interest in the gameset/rules
  8. Well, just as if I needed more arguments to get that box. Also, those fit in nicely with the sepulchral guard from Underworlds, or at least their leader. If painted similarily, you could probably switch those and not many would notice
  9. My idea: Warhammer quest game where a crazy vampire lord kidnaps mortal heroes and warriors amd forces them to fight his undead minions. One of the heroes is the witch hunter who got caught on purpose as it let's him get to the vampire I'm probably wrong but it's fun to speculate
  10. I think You all are missing the obvious thing here: The hidden logo is 'critters and keys'
  11. Just to further cement what everyone's saying, I want to point out the font of the word 'dead' is made of blood and the 'divine' font is kinda blocky, fitting for imperium
  12. *Happy serphon fan noises* Honestly, they're perfect, even I wasn't hoping for this many skinks (which are glorious)
  13. Hmmm I used to think the pirate idea is more possible, but looking at this (which surely is part of that faction) I shift more to the nordic/draugr idea. Ravens, which appear both here and one of the critters and keys are also another argument for that. And honestly, once again, I would throw so much money at GW. I am currently living through my viking hype phase, so it would be a bullseye shot right through my wallet
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