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  1. I’ve run warstomper in gitz - makes for a fun distraction piece and the rest of the army survives a little longer - changes the threat up if paired with a mangler - two sources of big output that can split opponents attention. Not saying it’s really competitive but it adds something to your play style. Plus it looks awesome on the table. Main play is to push up 40 shoota behind, sit on objective and plink into units - shredded a unit of pinks into pieces and mopped up against tzeentch in last game and he had to ignore most of my army dealing with the massive wazzock. Fun times.
  2. Banksy


    Sssh! Don’t give it away! Currently tidying up a cities force - finishing touches to some sisters of the watch. I’ve got four armies I rotate around painting to finish them but I’m hoping to buckle down and finish my lumineth and teclis proxy! Cheers!
  3. Banksy


    Evening. Long time stalker. Thought I’d join in. Vet collector and been in and out of the hobby since ‘89. Love to paint things - especially walls. Cheers. Banksy
  4. Am I missing something here - shadow queen rule is if an ability or spell slays the model - it’s not a max three wounds thing? If she is itsa jibbed (archaon sword). she just takes three wounds. Melee / shooting just goes through.
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