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  1. The discussion was mainly about double cabbage lists so thats min 2 drops. I personally still prefer one cabbabe as that suits my playstyle better, but even with that one drop lists feel too limited on the number of units.
  2. I have no intension to subscribe for wh+, but I'd pay a smaller fee for the app only, if that's possible. I'm also getting the new orruk tome and it would be disappointing if I had to subscribe to wh+ to access the digital version.
  3. Icebone piggie spam have a good damage potential, I think thats true even if you compare them to combat armies, and it' quite mobile as well. With the great hunters trait, and low drop list, I can see a lot of alpha potential which can surprise people. Alpha strike in general is not my play style at all, but I see a lot of lists lately which are not prepared for that. Also, even if I dont go for an alpha, the threat itself can force the opponent to deploy defensively. So I think there is plenty to try out even in a competitive setting. On the other hand, most of the moaning, at least on my end, was not about the Icebone power level, but how blend and boring the play becomes compared to v2. Bonesplitterz is my first and true orky love, so to speak, so I will play them no matter whay, but if someone asks me to recommend a fast combat army I dont see why I shouldnt say Ironjawz. It has all the damage, plus all sort of tricks from MT, the subfaction, not to mention the teleport. What I would like to add in the end is that if we could coalition or even just ally other orcs, that could change list building a lot. Let's see if that ever changes.
  4. I believe the key question for IJ list building is how much drops you are aiming for. For me the conclusion for now is that it's time to move away from the "two artifacts meta" and take a double regiment for a two drop list instead. In aos2 Ironfist was such an auto include, that we get used to having two artifacts. When the amulet of destiny arrived in aos3, it was also an easy decision (for a two cabbage build) to have one tanky and one killy version with metalrippa. Since the rippa is gone however, I don't see an artifact (besides of the amulet) which would be an auto take. The armor is a solid choice, but it slows you done. The destroyer can only be put on the boss's 7 attack, rend 1 weapon, so I don't rate it very high. If I can kill stg with rend 1, I can kill that with piggies. If I were to take a second artifact, I'd probably take the arcane tome instead. The none general cabbage would get the amulet, and the general the tome with the +1 to wound spell and master of magic command trait for the reroll.
  5. I really hope this will be faqd. I guess they dont want us to run cheap ardboy bline in kruleboyz, but it feels such a missed opportunity, esp that they have introduced the coalition rules for a bunch of other armies, which would be a good option imo.
  6. Sadly it is not possible. If you select a kruleboyz army all of the orruk warclan units have to have the KRULEBOYZ keyword. You can only mix them in BW. This page is shown in the Man-Reads-Book video if you want to check. This situation also leads to some weird stuff, like the sloggoth cannot be part of a kruleboyz army as he lacks the keyword.
  7. I think the issue is not the damage potential, but the delivery mechanism. IDK did well, but they have deep strike, fly (to get around screens), and the Hide tide, which made the msu build very strong. Also, they did not had to worry to much about shooting. On the note of IDK, maybe it is still what we have to do. Just spam boars like there is no tomorrow and go for a big old Alpha. 😁 Who knows? Maybe it works and this new tome is just an elaborate trick from GW to lure us to buy 60 piggies 😂 Allegiance: Bonesplitterz- Warclan: Icebone- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line- Triumphs:Savage Big Boss (65)*- General- Command Trait: Great HunterWurrgog Prophet (150)**- Artefact: Glowin' TattoozManiak Weirdnob (90)**10 x Savage Boarboys (280)*- Stikkas- Reinforced x 110 x Savage Boarboys (280)*- Stikkas- Reinforced x 15 x Savage Boarboys (140)*- Stikkas5 x Savage Boarboys (140)*- Stikkas5 x Savage Boarboys (140)*- Stikkas5 x Savage Boarboys (140)**- Stikkas5 x Savage Boarboys (140)**- Stikkas10 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (290)**- Reinforced x 15 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (145)***Battle Regiment**Battle RegimentTotal: 2000Reinforced Units: 3 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 199Drops: 2
  8. To clarify my position, In general I'm happy with the changes for IJ. But losing hero the phase fighting is still a blow. It happens so often that a hammer unit like the cabbage stuck in combat with lets say 3 chainrasps and having no hero phase damage output means he is wasting a turn.
  9. I meant its wishful thinking on my part 😉
  10. LOL, it's not really an argument, it is more like wishful thinking 😁 Letting go our beloved hero phase fighting is a tough process. Looking forward to see the faq.
  11. In Aos2 the path to victory for BSP was to control the board, score high in the early rounds and try to tank as long as possible. This was best done with Bonegrinz, which had some very competitive builds, even in the last months of AoS2. The above strategy is not working anymore, due to the new battleplans and changes in the scoring (cant build up significant early lead) and also because the backbone of the army, the savage boyz went from 300 to 495 points, a 65% increase for a unit of 30. The question for the new tome is how can we adapt to AoS3 ? Icebone brings some extra damage, but even with that the damage output is average at best. What really hurts the army is that we have lost all our tricks, like the old Bonegrinz ability and Breath of Gorkamorka. The tactical repertoire has also shrunk with the arrowboyz nerf. The latter is still good in Bonegrinz, but without Icebone there is just no combat output left in the army. In the meantime we can still field a lot of wounds, but we hace lost a lot of tankyness, esp against shooting armies. Is there some new build which can still work? Maybe there is, no need to be too negative, but at this point I can't see it.
  12. Mighty Destroyer and the BT ability might need an faq, but I can see an argument that if you make a pile in move, that automatically means you can attack as well: 12.3 COMBAT ATTACKS After you have made all of the pile-in moves for a unit, you must make combat attacks with each model in the unit that is within range of an enemy model
  13. Oh I misread, though you can only take the tatoo on a savage boss. It's pretty nice on the wurrgog, but the waaagh works sadly in combat only. Still a great combo for sure 😁
  14. I might just missed stg in the videos, but isnt it that we are just one happy faction now? So no need to even be allied. What is stopping me to have ardboy battlelines in a kruleboyz army for instance? Edit: so you cannot. that was described on the page which was missing in the facehammer video. So apparently the only way to mix the various orcs is Big Waaagh. That really sucks
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