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  1. at least you didn't glue on the legs before painting the underside
  2. Why wouldn't you go Jaws of Mork if you're going to go all squig? You'll get to reroll all of their movement. Also if you take boingrots in stacks of 15 you'll be able to bring back 8 from the loonshrine. I would throw in at least 1-2 Fungoids into that list, also you'll want the loonboss on mangler for any squig heavy list. he buffs them +1 to wound.
  3. Hello just joined, quick question. So you get 1 command point on your hero phase automatically from your general. Then you get a potential extra point with the Shepherd of Idiotic Destruction on a 4+. Then you get an additional point under the bad moon. Does this mean your Dankboss can get a potential 3 command points on turn 2 if the moon is on him?
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