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  1. yes my force with this guide will done up fast for sure, yesterday i ve finish 30 battleline, so today i ll start primer step. keep the good work up for your painting sprint!
  2. thank you very much for your super fast and detailed answer, and especially for the improvements suggested, cause im super slow painter so tips and tricks for a tabletop result is cheese, i owe you a beer
  3. very good work! i really love this alternative scheme, i was looking for an alternative color scheme for my new fyreslayer army, can you give me more info about the process used to obtain it? thank you in advance
  4. can't wait to see the new reports! I will stay tuned
  5. @Paul Buckler thank you for the excellent report, actually skaven suffer the lack of a new battletome in my opinion, Cunning Deciever as you said hurt a lot but Cunning Deceiver+30 plaguebearer=kharadron's nightmare . Had you play the same list showed on twitch?
  6. amazing game guys! really cool use of the ironclad as playmaker of your army, epic the fight between your khemist vs megaboss, your Chronicles of a Sky Pirate is a great reading of course but the possibility to watch it live is stunning
  7. thank you for the rapid answer! i ll watch it for sure!
  8. very cool dez! i like your personal color scheme, thumb up for the admiral with black beard
  9. no problem Dez! you aren't the only not morning person lol
  10. can you make a report about it? it will be very interesting!
  11. thank you for the fast reply, reading an old range reference the iyanden darksun is the actually averland sunset, is funny cause googling i ve read that other people are using the averland sunset too for zilfin instead the zamesi desert as said on the battletome, so i think i ll use the averland too, about your miniatures, keep up the good stuff!
  12. Very cool pictures I like it, had you use the averland sunset as yellow? Or the zamesi desert? Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. actually the list is pure skaven beacuse im testing it in a non ultra competitive scenario, im using it in a narrative campain with my friends, reconfigure it for a pure tournaments/competitively playing will drive me to use Sayl for sure, what you think, it can be enough or it will need more fixes? my idea is to hide the two assassins inside the deceiver in order to have a more incisive skitterleap
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