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  1. So this is a thought I've had on my mind for a while now, but what if each army had like 2-5 unique units (effectively Regiments of Renown from TW;WH2)? For those who don't know, these are units that you can only ever have 1 of in the game, but are better than their standard unit variant, but cost more and have some special ability. For my interpretation of them in AoS, this would be two separate +1 bonus' to two different stats plus an added ability. So some ideas for units I've had are the follow (names not final); Skaven: Council Guard (Storm Vermin): +40pts +1 to save +1 to hit Ability: Whenever a friendly hero within 3" of this unit loses a wound, on a 4+ this unit takes that wound instead. Ogor Mawtribes: The Bruisers (Ironguts): +60pts +1 wound +1 to rend (so rend -2) Ability: Replace "Down to the Ironguts" with, Feast of Flesh. Once per battle you may choose this unit to heal one wound on a hit roll of 5 or 6 with its Gulping Bite attack. These are just two ideas for them that I've come up with, but I'd like to hear what other people think about this idea for RoR in AoS, and their ideas about something like this. I doubt it would ever happen but hey, you never know.
  2. I honestly think that they are going to get the Knight treatment, and within a year roughly we will be seeing a new multi unit model.
  3. 1. I agree with this. They are so limited with them as it is. 2-4. This should have honostly been something they should have had to begin with. 6" pile-in and no penalty for leaving. These guys are absolute units, a single step is enough for them to get into or out of combat. Besides, if the Bonegrinder can have 6", these guys can aswell. 5. I think this would work better overall if they killed any models that were left within 3" of them. 6. My only issue, doing this means that you have 0 reason to ever use a 3 man unit. As both 3 man and 4 man units cost the same amount. We seen how this worked with Heart Guard(?) in Fyre Slayers. I'd rather see the same points kept but give them something like +1 to hit on their clubs if they are in a full unit. A final bit I'd like to see added would be rules like the Ogor Tyrant Big Names. Let all of them have one of these buffs and maybe only the Megas of your tribes take artifacts each. Either way these guys need some help. 100% will be playing with them though.
  4. Such a small change that would make a HUGE impact. Giving you an extra unit of Mancrushers or an entire extra Mega. I've yet to play them, but the idea of doing this sounds like it could be quite good.
  5. So not only is Warstomper the best general, he also just has a flat reroll save artifact? If it wasnt settled before, it is now.
  6. This is correct, but as for now I'm not expecting them to have any allies. Still holding out for battalions and named mega's points though
  7. GHB 2020 showed us that Sons have no allies
  8. This is a nice, and the additional attacks will really force opponents to only send hordes after him. as I dont see many characters or monsters that would want to face him on his own.
  9. I watched the video, at around 28min in, he says it multiple times. Here's hoping he is correct
  10. These lads are amazingly huge, like, his THIGH is the size of the Aleguzzler's torso!
  11. So assuming those are correct, this makes the the Mega Gargants $206 CAD (the currency ill use for the rest of this), and the box of 2 Mancrushers $129. Lets round these off to $200 and $130 respectively. So with our known 3 of building a 2k army, here is what I came up with. 1 mega, 9 crushers: Total cost is $850/495pound, while leaving 1 mancrusher at home. 2 mega, 6 crushers: Total cost is $790/445pound, nothing left over 3 mega, 3 crushers: Total cost is $860/510pound, yet another mancrusher left out. I expected this to be roughly the cost, admittedly more than I would want, but compared to other armies, this is not all that bad. Surprisingly just buy 3 mega's is actually the most expensive route to 2k. Who would have thought that.
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