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  1. Ah yes burning head my own HQs what a f*cking amazing pinnacle of the GW design. But to be fair it is slaanesh so you could say they are giving themselves a head? 😎
  2. no Hedonites need a good designer to rewrite their battletome. They have gutted all the things people complained about and then increased prices and delivered bland designs for non named characters.
  3. I can honestly see them getting 4 waves. (if you count Teclis + March release as one wave then 2, to be fair lumineth were supposed to get all of their range last year but then a worldwide pandemic happened)
  4. no they will be getting Tirion and Phoenixes eventually + something for the water temple
  5. is it? Slaaneshi mortals didnt have a proper release and the whole avatar of Slaanesh spawning process is in the process. Wouldn't bee surprised for slaanesh to get a new release within 2 years time.
  6. depends there are 2 slots for AoS the second and the fourth week of March KT box for 40k is the first week and Drukhari codex is the third most likely. I think we could see BR Teclis and the BR boxes the second week of MArch and the full range in the 4th week.
  7. I agree with the neverchosen. It would be interested to see it there were questions like: If the faction you have selected for a revamp got that revamp would you buy in? Yes/No/Already have it.
  8. that's some great design, your 2000 points of army will feel ****** so you can summon 1k of nerfed KoS one per turn that cannot anymore target themselves alone. Have the great designers considered not making the summoning core of the faction anymore or it would be too much work to leave to the one intern working on it?
  9. tfw my sequitor got 3+ 3+ more than champions of slaanesh and I pay 120 for them. I think Hedonites might get the LRL treatment next year and we get the second half of the rules lol
  10. 4+ 5++ unit in Hagg naar (that also gets you to cast Witchbrew on 2+ Turn 3 onwards) with a better crystal touch effect and if you play the vyperic guard battalion you get a free 1/Battle run and charge roll (add a Ghur battlemage with the wildform spell as an ally for maximum memes) is week? DoK Battletome is universally agreed to be a very goood battletome for the faction. Everything had its cost reduced accross the board and more temples are competitive.
  11. X marks the spot .... Vampirates confirmed!
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