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  1. I understand. But I believe that change would not actually weaken alpha strike builds, just front load the randomness a bit. I also don't like the change if other people suggest it I don't play 40k, but it's hard to deny that going first is a significant advantage in most games. There are plenty of armies in AoS that can charge or shoot you turn 1, so how much shooting there is in 40k compared to AoS is neither here nor there. Early losses also have a snowball effect in terms of the disadvantage they bring, due to Lancaster's Law. I don't want to say that rolling fo
  2. Just before Cities launched there was a rumor that the old Empire Watchtower kit would be repurposed as faction terrain. That was clearly not the case, though.
  3. I'll 100% believe that. There was a thread on here about people's habits in regard to collecting miniatures, and there were definitely a lot of posts of people who don't play at all. A lot of people also just buy one of every kit of an army they collect, which means that even if they do play regularly with their armies, the rules don't influence their buying habits. And this is on a AoS-specific forum, where I'd expect people to be more into the game than the average GW customer. On the other hand, I don't think that GW would be in the position that they are now if there were no games at
  4. Good breakdown. I mostly agree. I think it's worth noting though, regarding Aura of Serenity, all your combat buffs from units dying work only for the phase in which a unit is destroyed or are only triggerable in the combat phase. Since you can't fight in the battleshock phase, a unit dying to battleshock is not something you want, either way. I think what really makes this a kind of bad option is that if you do go into the direction of a tanky Phoenicium build, the natural go-to unit would be Phoenix Guard, which are already battleshock immune if they are near an Annointed. And Anno
  5. You already got responses from @Marcvs and @Kramer on this point, but this conflation of competitive play with play in general. and anything that deviates from playing the hardest lists 100% of the time with house ruling is exactly why I think we need more awareness of the social contract of play. It seems to me that the AoS rules care about a certain type of balance, which is balance in the middle of the curve, not primarily at the top end. In general, the rules of AoS allow you to build a lot of different lists, diverse ones as well as spammy ones. And in the mid field, those lists can
  6. There are a lot of points that could be made here. I think I could agree that Nagash and 2x5 wolves at 1000 is pushing the boundaries of what an acceptable list should look like. But it's important to note that this list is not exactly mechanically encouraged. It really sucks at playing the objective game, and everything in the LoN book encourages taking a few big units over multiple small ones. The appeal of that list (I suspect, I came back to the game just after LoN was dominant) is probably more that you can play it after painting just 11 models, as opposed to the usual 50 or so you n
  7. First off: I agree that the rules could do more to encourage more internally diverse list. In theory, those lists should have the advantage of being able to take a mix of all the best warscrolls have tools available for any situation. But in practice having more tools available is just not as good as having a few very focussed tools that allow you to do one thing very well. Plus, battalions are just really good deals at the moment. I'd go so far as to say that a battalion that does nothing but give you an extra command point and artefact and bring your drops down would still often be worth it
  8. I'm just wishlisting, that's a problem for the rules writers to solve 😎 Seriously though, I recognized that problem, too, but I think it's solvable. Maybe that faction would just get one RDP per turn in addition to normal command points.
  9. I'd like the new book to be an update or replacement for Legions of Nagash. For me that means: Existing Legions of Nagash playstyles are somewhat preserved No more sharing kits with Nighthaunt. They are separate now. LoN subfactions are built out to the point where they can stand on their own (this would mean 2-3 new kits each for Deathrattle, Deadwalkers and Soulblight) "Vampirates" are added as a shooty faction The book gets organized according to the Cities of Sigmar model: Some shared general allegiance abilites (Deathless Minions, Locus of Shyish) plus a choi
  10. Just selling them off to players who want them and already have the army. I fully expect the models to be essentially "last chance to buy" at this point, where when they are gone, they are gone. I might be wrong, though. I don't know how Forgeworld usually phases their stuff out. Someone told me that they only have tw different labels when their supply runs out, essentially "being restocked" and "gone for good", and don't usually do the whole "last chance to buy" thing. If that's true, I expect the other chorf kits to only be available as long as supply lasts.
  11. Fyreslayers showing up in tournaments frequently is probably more indicative of their mechanical strength than their popularity, though. They are a very strong army in that regard. Probably the best defensive army in the game. This is the gameplay poll, isn't it? We should pull up a screenshot from the aesthetics poll. Anyway, the poll in this tread has only yes/no because you are supposed to comment with your reasoning. Looking through the thread, you get to see what exactly people like and dislike about FS, so that's there if you want the details. I wish the opening
  12. Chaos Dwarves have been name dropped in the lore every now and then, haven't they? I think it might be a possibility eventually. I don't believe they have made that effort for other kits, where a small keyword change would have kept them from languishing in obscurity. So I doubt we will see this.
  13. RIP in peace, Chorfs. Hope you get a proper AoS release next time. Seriously, though: Stuff like this makes is so incredibly unattractive to buy into forgeworld factions. It's like a vicious circle: You don't want to buy in in case they are not popular and get discontinued, and they get discontinued because they are not popular enough toblockquotelockquote widget
  14. I don't think most people are talking about sales here. In the other thread the question of Fyreslayers popularity came up in reference to the Warhammer Weekly aesthetics and gameplay surveys. Fyreslayers were the least popular army in the aesthetics survey as well as the least picked main army in the gameplay survey. You could make an argument that people not having them as their main army is due to price, but aesthetics has nothing to do with that.
  15. I voted dislike. But that's not necessarily surprising, because I am unexcited about dwarves at the best of times. However, I think I can still weigh in with an interesting opinion. I believe if Fyreslayers appeal to anyone, it's people who are already into dwarves. In that respect, they are, to me, dfferent from Kharadron Overlords. From my perspective, there is no way I can see that I will ever start collecting Fyreslayers. They just have nothing that makes them more appealing than regular dwarves to me. KO, though, have a lot that sets them apart with their technology, airships an
  16. If we are getting new zombies, I highly suspect it will be these bird house guys:
  17. Now we just have to dodge the second bullet called Warhammer Quest.
  18. Whatever caused them to switch to the slower release in Q1 is presumably stopping them from getting AoS out as fast as they originally planned (presumably the bottle neck is their factory not running at full capacity). But I think Hedonites in February after Death Guard are out of the way is a pretty safe bet.
  19. Plus, Indomitus sold better than expected, to the point they got tied up prducing it Made to Order for a while.
  20. The Warhammer Weekly podcast speculated about this. I would not call this a rumour, though. They have no inside info or anything like that. It was more like: With the delays we know are happening due to Covid and Brexit, like the slowed-down release schedule of Q1, and since the release of a new edition would need to be tied to the narrative of Broken Realms, a delay of the next edition to 2022 would make sense. They can't rush the narrative, those books are likely partially printed already. And they have been significantly delayed: The first rumour engines featuring new Hedonites are fr
  21. I was wondering if that's the paw of a "long legged riding beast", like in that piece of Lumineth fluff some people have quoted. Interestingly, the Critters and Keys raven and rat are standing on ruins similar to the ones in this picture. Would be quite a twist if they were from Lumineth models.
  22. The small guy with the archers is called a "Blissbarb Homunculus", which is a real word that refers to small humans (by literal translation) and artificially created people (historically). So this guy might not be a halfling, dwarf or anything we have previously seen.
  23. After successfully calling the Vampire Hunter from the advent rumour engines, I'm going to double down on my other prediction: Vampires (Legions of Nagash) vs. Vampire Hunter (Cities of Sigmar) duel box in March. We have seen this exact thing with the new Hedonites: Put out two foot heroes in a duel box, telegraph the release with an Underworlds warband, full release of the army three months later. In this case, Cities will only get the Vampire Hunter, Legions will get their big release.
  24. I knew it! Vampire hunters confirmed baybee 😎 I can't even express how hyped I am about this one!
  25. I made pretty good headway on my Tomb Kings, even though COVID kind of sapped my will to paint for a few months. Other than that I just painted a bunch of Leonardo DaVinci machines for Cities of Sigmar. I don't think I got any models that were released this year other than the Mindstealer Sphiranx, which makes it my model of the year. I like the Lumineth range a lot, but did not feel like pulling the trigger on them quite yet. My favourite model to paint this year was probably the Khemrian Warsphinx. Really too bad that it is OOP, it's a very fun kit. My
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