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  1. I am going to get some hate for this, but hear me out - Lord Kroak. Kroak is super good within the game, but a lot of that is value, and in particular his value over the point cost of a Slann. But that is part of the disappointment. Lord Kroak is such a powerful Slann that his magic is still potent after death. On the table we get a better Slann, who is point costed in a way where basically the only reason to take a Slann is if you want a Slann AND Kroak. Korak-nado is also kind of boring to play. Rather than spells that impact the battlefield, and utilize terrain or movement or the fates, Kroak's main ability is murder facing support heroes that get too close (too close being a giant 22" bubble). It would be far more interesting and fitting to have a warscroll worth 500-600 points for Kroak. Giving a genuine decision between him and a regular Slann.
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