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  1. Nicely done! It looks very natural with the mix. ...Also that chain is- excuse me? Really? For true? You speak the true-true? I need to up my sculpting game!
  2. Ohhh! I love this and I really don't enjoy Stormcast even, how did the grass look so nice? Do you have an applicator? Jewelry chain for the leash?
  3. Well, they have no value at the moment, they actually are over costed based on the weapon options then. It should be 1 for a shield since the 1 handed weapons are 1 point. To the second comment, however, yeah, if they did other things, it would be pretty cool and worth the points, I think that's a big thing they skimped on frankly as every shield is different to a degree.
  4. Hmm...I took it as that's the shields ability being added to the warscroll and not actually increasing it, just like other shields, but I suppose this could be valid, too. I'm not really sure, honestly, that means shields are meaningless and have no value. Which I can't assume they meant. If the shield was free with a one handed weapon I could understand, however, it's not. I'd really like an errata for that and for Ethereal to be on Nighthaunt only or make it a 4 save regardless of what happens.
  5. I mean, I took it as the weapon itself is down and has it's description, just like any other loadout that has shields. To better explain, let's say I start out with a vampire and I want to make a mounted lord to lead my bloodknights. Great spear and a shield is the weapon load out. Lances get added, shield gets added, the shields improves my save as 1. That doesn't mean I take the 5+ save I have and make it a 4+, I just know since I have this, I add it to the save as a modifier. It's not my models inherit save value. "[Characteristic Enhancement] Improve your hero’s Save characteristic by 1 (to a maximum of 3+)." is directing altering the stats. It's not a load out modifier. You can't go down lower than 3 because with a shield you can get 2+ and and nothing has a 1+ save. That's literally the most defense you can get. Am I saying I enjoy how this works? Ehhhh. I think you should be able to make a great character...to a point. I have no value in named models, I make my own lore and I do my own heros using stats and kitbashes and whatever else I want. That said...I think there really needs to be a restriction on Ethereal because if I'm paying for a 3/2 up save, it better be rended somehow. Does this make more sense? Power Gaming is making a situation where someone can't easily win or has to make a custom list to beat you. A 400 point max dps 2+ etheral monster is power gamey and I agree, not fun or flavorful, that's just WAAC.
  6. I agree, I think it's just fine. I honestly think each option should have a competitive point option instead of being ambiguous. It's not hard to do that, frankly, they already have a good idea based on other models.
  7. Your base save can go to 3+ but a shield never adjusts your save stat, it just ADDS 1 to it for having it. Lots of units have shields that buff their saves for having them. +2 is a doable thing and, frankly, I think they didn't understand the demand for this feature and balance it enough because etheral is just bonkers~
  8. Anyone, uh, notice that if you look at mounted heros and you look at the Stormcast they have some insane cost effective mounted lords compared to the anvil stuff? Just saying~ I dunno if this stuff is the most COST effective..but it's cool. The garg is likely the best for the points, but, still....I really like making my own hero rather than using one. So I hope this stays and I hope we get a little more power in our hands while...things like Ethereal is controlled.
  9. Do we know if you make a unit attack twice if it charged if it counts both times as having charged? Thanks!
  10. Correct, but, taking that aside, as a unit that's cheap and effective and quick, they seem very solid for a hunter seeker unit while you buff other aspects of your army. I'm just saying, you'll rarely get all the marauders in to contact, buffs or not, while six chickens seems pretty reasonable, if nothing other than to charge things tied down by anvil units.
  11. I've read through this thread and I'm not sure if anyone else has taken a look at this, but, hear me out. I know we've got a ton of toys to play with, but, I think I have something that is worth considering... Chickens. Now wait! These aren't ordinary chickens! CHAOS Chickens. For the min unit of 6 you get, on the charge, 18 3/3 `1 damage attacks. For a little more than a cultist unit. They are fast, too, decently sturdy with the wounds, no save, but they are quick and cheap and if my math-hammer is correct...they out-damage expensive options with a mobile footprint. Unless I'm missing something, and I probably am, I would rather sent these against my foes instead of any cultists and I mean, they work sort of like marauders lite since they don't get buffs. Which isn't bad, really. Means they can fight backline and other things. Am I nuts or are these oddly good?
  12. Ah, gotcha! You know, now that I'm thinking about it...a large demon centerpiece model would be nice. REGARDLESS. The chaos sorcerer can make them re-roll and then fight twice with the lord...paired with the slaanesh mark, oh man, that's actually pretty appealing...
  13. Just got my book, so, forgive me for my lack of knowledge, how would you give them extra attacks without the endless spell?
  14. Also, if you're running Slaanesh, the lances have a neat prospect to explode into extra attacks, but, so do the swords with five extra attacks per unit. It's really whatever you have running. If you can buff the to hit on the lances while keeping Slaanesh, then it's pretty amazing...not sure how I'd do that, though.
  15. Can someone explain to me a bit about how the Khanite pendant works? It allows you to cast three prayers but unless your model knows a prayer itself...isn't it better to get the artifact that gives you another prayer and allows you to use it?
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