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  1. Ossiarch Bonereapers (OBR) sounds like just what you want. They are very elite, have many and varied centerpiece models (Katakros is gorgeous), and are probably the best meat grinder in the game (tanky and still fairly killy). Their main weaknesses are speed (which can be mitigated with RDP usage, battleline banners, and the run and charge faction) and being shot to death (still figuring out what I can do against this lol).
  2. I have an upcoming tourney game against a Big Waaagh list that includes an Oldhammer Orruk Warboss on boar with banner. Is this legal as of GHB 2020 for standard matched play pitched battle rules? The Oldhammer Greenskins are in the “Legends” section of the GHB. I have asked my TO and waiting for a response, I just wanted a second opinion so I can see if I am insane for fighting this. Thanks!
  3. This battalion states that you can disembark the arkanauts in the battalion before or after a move (as opposed to only before without it). Does this apply to the Fly High special rule, e.g. can a ship teleport then unload in the same movement phase? Fly high can be used “instead of a normal move” and the model is then “set up” out of 9” from enemy units so I’m not sure it counts as a “move” for the purposes of this battalion.
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