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  1. RuneBrush here is another one WIP using Ghoul King and Tyranid Gargoyle wings.
  2. RuneBrush here is a pic of my converted Vampire Lord Flying Horror. I'm not a fan of the GW one winged vampire, so I use the model and added Tyranid Gargoyle wings and a little green stuff.
  3. Would any of you consider it gamey to include two Tomb Heralds in a list with Settra as his personal bodyguards. Each of them jumps in front of him until dead and then the second does the same, effectively increasing Settras wounds by 10?
  4. These cards are absolutely great! Thanks for taking the time and sharing!
  5. Most of the tournaments in the Mid-West that I have attended don't allow old versions of scrolls.
  6. Which battle plans are you scoring objectives in turn one and what are their location? In my experience, the formation struggles to score objectives turn one because of the inability to move after arriving. They are able to charge, but that means your opponent has already scored as well.
  7. The regeneration ability is very good with this battalion because a hero is not required and becomes amazing when combined with a hero. It has the potential to bring back 12 models a turn. The major down side for me is the deployment restrictions. Its difficult to get into position to score objectives in most of the match play scenarios in a timely manner. Not being able to move in the turn they arrive really hurts.
  8. I can see why this topic is so heavily debated and agree with many of the arguments on both sides. However, I disagree that it is crystal clear. IMO the best definition given for restored was the example of the antique table. The model is restored to limited health just like the old antique table being restored to its previous glory. The artifact is called the Ring of Immortality after all. It's not the ring of summoning and therefore should not cost points. None of the other artifacts cost points. Again, the model is restored (returned to health) with d3 wounds, which is hardly over powered. Just my two cents.
  9. The Abattoir Formation is great for the mortal wound output, especially against horde armies like blood bound, moon clan grots, skaven and the likes (other death armies) lol. IMO it's a great value at 60pts.
  10. First and foremost, play with the models you like and enjoy painting. With that said, I like list number 3 for a novice player. All of the units have a very straight forward play style and role in the army. I agree with @AlexanderHemedinger that having both GKoZD and GKoT might be overkill. I would consider dropping GKoT and adding a Ghoul King on foot, Crypt Ghast, and 2x10 Ghoul units. If your single Varghulf goes down your Ghoul healing is gone and makes you extremely vulnerable. The Ghoul King on foot allows you to play more aggresively with your GKoZD and Horrors while providing support to 30 man Ghoul unit with Crypt Ghast. Use the 10 man Ghoul units to sit on objectives in your deployment zone or to screen your heavy hitters setting up counter charges for them. I've been using a very similar list with good results. Best of Luck!
  11. Absolutely love the Terrorgheist. I modeled and painted mine very similar to yours. With a simple head swap, you now have a Zombie Dragon to join your forces. This kit is so awesome and flexible. By the way, great back story and theme. Skellies are the backbone of death and what comes to mind for me when thinking of a horde of undead. Looks like a fun army to play!
  12. It depends on the role they will be playing in your army. Three units of 3 work fine if they are supporting large blocks of Ghouls. I prefer a unit of 6 if they will be your primary hammer unit. Although, a unit of 9 is very good as both a hammer and an anvil unit. I recently had a unit of 9 completely wipe out a 20 man unit of Blood Warriors in one round of combat and grind out a Stonehorn in two turns of combat. The Stonehorn attacked first killing 4 Horrors, which were removed from the back and then the Horrors attacked doing several wounds to it. In my next Hero Phase, my Varghulf returned 3 back to the unit. The Ogre player was in shock. The Horrors continued to stick for another round of combat despite a unit of 3 Yetees joining the fray and subtracting 1 from my to hit rolls.
  13. This is a solid list...I run something very similar myself. The Ghouls are great at capturing and holding objectives with their regeneration ability. However, in my experience you may struggle with deploying them and most likely won't be able to get to your opponents backfield. This list struggles against armies with a lot of shooting attacks and war machines. Lastly, this list is lacking any units with rend. The Horrors do hit like a ton of bricks, but can easily get bogged down by high armour save units. Your GKoZD can't be everywhere and is too important to use as an aggressive offensive weapon. Maybe drop one unit of Gouls and the Haunter Courtier for a Beasts of the Grave Terrorgheist. Give one of your Varghulfs the Sword of Unholy Power and summon the Terrorgheist 18" forward. Use his scream attack in the shooting phase and charge him into your opponents army. This will cause chaos for a turn or two taking the attention off your general and courtiers. The other option is to keep the TG in reserve to target those high armour save units and disrupt your opponents movements and board control. Just some food for thought.
  14. Why not build them as both. Pick up some magnets for a minimal investment and magnetize the arms. This way you can run them any way you want. It's actually not that hard to do with a drill and a hobby knife. I'd be happy to tell you how and send some pics of mine. Just let me know if you're interested. Also, the box set is a steal. You get almost $100 of models for free. IMO this would round off your army very nicely.
  15. Sure thing... drop me a line at Robert.reid68@gmail.com
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