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  1. Hi Everyone, a few painted mini's from the starter box. 3 horses left still, I've been avoiding them.
  2. I try to have two things on the go all of the time, I apply the same to reading and work too. One thing ‘serious’ and one thing fun. Serious doesn’t actually need to be serious, but could be the harder choice. I’ve been treating my elves as the serious option lately (so much trim ) and rebasing my ww2 15mm for a new game as my fun hobby. It’s good to do something low key and still feel productive. And stops me getting grumpy at something that is meant to be for fun lol.
  3. Thanks! No I don't really know much about the setting, these are my first age of sigmar models, and haven't really looked into it aside from whats in the battletome. - but I think the green is the correct choice as far as colour goes. The African influence is a great idea, they really do have that feel with the teardrop shields and spears.
  4. @Aelfric you're a genius. love the Zebras! and the split colour shields, I'm very impressed! - and now second guessing my own scheme!
  5. Hello everyone. Just thought Id post an update on my dawnrider build, two completed so far - pending the basing, unsure what to do for these yet. Maybe running across a lush field? Green would go nicely here. I need to buy some paint, but the white gems may still be turned into green gems. as per the conversation further up the thread.
  6. I've done the same but with fully assembled legs, and I'm paying for it now. I did a dry fit pre paint, and everything slid into place ok, with a little flex and convincing, but the paint on each component has been enough just to really ruin that approach. I had a failure with a leg joint and some damage on my second rider, and needed a little putty to fill the split from forcing it too much - it was very silly and I'm not happy with myself at all. Luckily its the rider with the low spear, so some sanding and correct colour should hide it well enough under his elbow. I'm in a little deep now, and think ill need to cut the notches off of the horses capes to get the riders to sit down so their feet are at the correct height - not so concerned about them sitting off the saddle a little, as I think its smore important to have their feet at the correct spot - but still , wind is out of my sails for sure. Waah
  7. This is fantastic. A purchase of this box was pending wether this idea was going to look ok, 3rd party helmets just are not quite right. On any model. Also the diamond picks are great! I was worried that the mallets felt a little animaniacs, but these look like actual warhammers. I love the cow imagery and this works so well. Dam im all keen again. Going to go and paint.
  8. oh matey, they're so very expensive! not complaining too much, as they are lovely models. but having played and collected 15mm WW2 and historical for many years. Its a shock to drop so much money on 5 little men - but I still do 😅 Here is a little WIP of a dawnrider for fun - he'll get his spear this evening.
  9. Hello 👋 obviously this is just my experience. But I can’t be the only person to do so, but I had zero interest in any of the age of sigmar range until the lumineth were released. I was browsing for a new painting project, and the dawnriders came up in my search. A few months later and I have the starter box and a few new releases on the way! Stunning models and I think they will be popular with painters. the game sounds fun enough and I think I’ll try and play a few games once we’re out of lockdown in Melbourne.
  10. Fantastic! I’m also going to be trying to get a proper horde of Cavalry. Just finishing up my test scheme. Nearly one down. 19 to go 😅
  11. Excuse my newness, but can the models from underworlds be used in an age of sigmar game? or are they just nice collectibles?
  12. I really hope the Swordswoman is just a generic Vanari General!
  13. Hello! I could be wrong here, but 'Auralan' just looks to be the name of the unit, in the same way that each unit has its name as a 'keyword' in the battletome. Its not on its own as keyword, its either 'auralan wardens' or 'auralan sentinels' I guess so it can be the target of a specific ability if required? But I think you're correct in noting no spell or ability calls them out specifically, as yet. "Vanari is to War/warriors, as Scinari is to.... Preists/??" - surely so
  14. While the mould lines look shocking, they are really quite soft and sit proud of everything else, so come away nicely. just got to keep that knife sharp - I found them easier to clean up than LoE, there was just so much more of it on the Dawnriders. I broke both of his arms off while painting, clever.
  15. I still see mould lines when I close my eyes 👹
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