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  1. Noob question Generally speaking, what are better Wrathmongers or Bonereapers? If I buy 2x boxes should I build 1 of each or 2 of the same type?
  2. I want to be able to run mortals. Also in maybe another list run a bunch of blood thirsters. I do not really care about bloodletters or other little deamons.
  3. Hi Just got into AOS during the pandemic. Just finished painting my start collecting box of Bloodbound Warband. Decided that I really enjoyed the Lore and asthetic so I have pledged myself to the blood god and am now on the path of skulls. Yesterday I purchased a blood thirster kit, Skabrand, 2 slaughter priests, a Box of bloodreavers a, a box of wrathmongers and a box of bloodletters for summoning. Ok. Now what else do I need to buy next to comfortably generate a few compettitive lists other then 2 more bloodthirsters. Happy to buy StD and paint it red. Eventually ill end up buying at least one of everything because im just a sucker like that. But in order of usefullness what are the next purchases you suggest.
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