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  1. That was my first thought! Belladamma would be perfect riding it as a vamp Lord on zombie dragon. She’s even got feathers on her so would combine really well
  2. I met Jervis Johnson at a charity event once. He was very down to Earth and VERY funny.
  3. We’ll if they wanna save money at the expense of their customers and more importantly at the expense of the environment I’ll happily go sailing the seven seas for my Battletomes.
  4. I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke but he really is poor. Constantly stumbles over his words and seems completely out of his depth. Just shows how amateurish Games Workshop still are.
  5. Swear I could remember reading way back that Firebellys had to hunt down fire ants as part of their initiation. Would love Ogors to have a character riding a massive ant!
  6. So £50 to access a platform that has a tiny amount of content compared to YouTube. The animations do looks cool though and the mini you can just whack on eBay if it’s not to your fancy and get some of that £50 back. Devil will be in the detail for me. How much content will be released each week? Will the army apps be built into that price? Most importantly can this be watched off an XBOX or PlayStation so I can enjoy the content properly on the TV or will it just be a website?
  7. I still think triple breaker, 2 mancrushers will be tasty. All these extra buffs monsters and heroes get plus a lot of the extra scoring seems to revolve around being a monster so they’ll still do well.
  8. Strangely I feel we’ve got way more list flexibility now they made mega gargants battleline. I’m liking the idea of taker tribe 3 kraken eaters and 1 gatebreaker or breaker tribe 2 breakers 2 stompers.
  9. Fluff and pretty pictures? Never liked Stormcast and not super keen on the kruleboyz so happy I only need to buy the GHB
  10. You can’t spend more than 50% of your points on a SINGLE unit.
  11. Wow they didn’t add 40K style rules for fighting in combat! So any unit that is minimum 10 models, or needs more than 5 to be effective in combat, on bigger than a 25mm base that only has a 1 inch reach is pretty rubbish now! What planet are GW on that they thought this was a good idea? Why is choosing who gets first turn still there? Why is battleshock unchanged when it never had much of an impact anyway? I’m hoping there’s more to grand strategies and battle tactics in the GHB but these seem half baked and easy to score.
  12. According the article he can so if you go first you could cast 8 of them and then run forward and dare the enemy to charge you as they’ll take 9d3 mortal wounds! 8 bolts and a stomp. Oh and you give him +1 save and he’s on a re rolling 2+
  13. Utterly terrified right now that I won’t be able to fit in 3 Mega Gargants for my Sons list.
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