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  1. They autocharge 6 if the roll is less than 6 only
  2. Finished my corpsecart for a painting competition Do you think it's any good?
  3. Can anyone dm me white dwarf rules please?
  4. What do you guys think about using a soulscream bridge in the army? Most of the chaff units are pretty slow to move, could the spell make it not that bad perhaps? Getting +1 from corpsecart and +2 for a legion of night artefact grants us a pretty reliable cast chance.
  5. Hey guys. Today I converted Ahriman into Fatemaster. How do you like it?
  6. Hey guys! I'm going to participate in a small local tournament with 1k points so I made a list. Would you guys review it and maybe suggest if I missed something. I also have pinks and horrors in general. Have most of the hero choices and common endless spells. The idea is taking advantage of high movement of all units and summoned screamers to retake points from enemies and then support it with some shooting. Also fatemaster is a great hero to buff all the units in this roster. Thanks in advance! TzeentchHosts1k.pdf
  7. I want to run a 6 unit of either skyfires or enlightened in my mortals army. On paper skyfires are kinda expensive for their 4+3+ shooting. Do I miss something? Does anybody have any suggestions?
  8. Hey guys. Is it worth to buy a megaboss on foot? I have a unopened box of megaboss on mawkrusha and thinking about buying an on-foot one. How does he play on the table? Another question is whether i build a box of savage orruks as arrowboys or spears. I like being able to shoot as well as fight in melee. But spears are great as screening as i understand. I have 25 ardboys, 3 gore-gruntas and 5 brutes as my troops now. So what would compliment it better - 20 spears or bows?
  9. Savage Orruks vs Savage Orruk Mordboys Which is better and why?
  10. Guys, need your help. I have this list for 1500 points. What's better - giving a verminlord an artifact to reroll charges or to give a grey seer the skavenbrew? Giving verminlord a reroll on 1 hit rolls is also an option (in combo with malevolant trait) SkavenSaturday.pdf
  11. And one more question. If I use common command ability like All-Out attack is it used from my hero or do I just use it out of nowhere? Asking this because masterclan gets a command point back on 5+.
  12. Hi guys. There are warpstone sparks if i have skryre hero. Can I use them for In the hero phase, pick 1 friendly CLANS SKRYRE WIZARD. You can re-roll casting, dispelling and unbinding rolls for that WIZARD until the end of that phase. At the end of that phase, roll a dice. On a 1, that WIZARD suffers D3 mortal wounds. after for example i fail a cast? Or do I have to declare it before I try my first cast on the wizard? In your shooting phase, pick 1 friendly CLANS SKRYRE HERO. Then pick up to 3 different friendly CLANS SKRYRE units that are wholly within 13" of that HERO. You can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of missile weapons used by those units until the end of that phase. At the end of that phase, roll a dice. On a 1, that HERO suffers D3 mortal wounds. In the combat phase, pick 1 friendly CLANS SKRYRE HERO. You can re-roll hit rolls for that HERO until the end of that phase. At the end of that phase, roll a dice. On a 1, that HERO suffers D3 mortal wounds. Same for these uses of a spark. Can I spend a spark after my wound rolls and after I need a re-roll on a hero? Thanks in advance
  13. But why? What's the point of taking it out of our roster? It's an existing and easily convertable model. I'm so frustrated!
  14. Hey all. So I got myself a warlord on brood horror BUT! I noticed he's not on warscroll builder nor in a new GHB 2020. What does it mean? Is it not possible to use him now or what?!
  15. Could you please explain why we lost Ghyrstrike? Where is it stated?
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