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  1. Big improvement of the spell is that it only negates negative modifiers. Before it was negative and positive modifiers :). Could be pretty juicy on skeletons/grave guard with an improved armor save from somewhere (like mystic shield is rumoured to give in AoS 3).
  2. Luckily we have 3.0 coming in 2 months or so where everything will be explained perfectly and there should be no room for interpretation Regardless of this I think this makes Blood Knights more fluffy, which was something that LoN was lacking imho.
  3. They have already confirmed new skeletons and zombies for the new book though, so they are probably just holding off those new warscrolls until the book drops. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/03/20/warhammer-preview-online-faith-damnation/ I hope they also release the cursed city models seperately so you can take individual models and place in your army instead of a giant blob of all of them for 680 points.
  4. Don't know if this has been posted before but Grimdark Live seem extremely sure of an Indomitus styled box in June for AoS 3.0 and Hobgoblins are part of this box as a new destruction faction:
  5. Important to note that Gorslavs command ability doesn't require him to be the general, so that is very much an improvement and maybe this will lead to our general not being nuked off the board turn 1/2. Removing the revive a whole unit for 1 CP should make our strategy less swingy, that's honestly what I dislike most about it. If you have a lot of deathrattle you basically need to revive them in order to get your points out of the units. At the same time it feels bad for your opponent and makes the game less fun. The general should be essential in a death army but not to the extent it is now (was even worse in Fantasy were you basically lost when the general died). I can't wait to see what type of rules we get instead of this badly designed rule. The Gorslav rule seems fine and lorewise very cool but not over the top considering you have to get all the models aswell
  6. I've never worried this much of not receiving something on release. But in the end it wasn't so hard here in Sweden at least, Hype! The game looks great fun. Tip: Seems like the key and the hardback book is what goes quickly
  7. They have expressed multiple times on facebook and warhammer community Cursed City is not limited and it will be around for the "foreseeable future" . So no rush, although the restock might be slow due to the situation in the world. Let's hope not too long to limit the scalping!
  8. Sounds very cool! The most important thing I want from this new book are unique and fun rules (different roles) for each warscroll and subfactions/battalions that makes sense lorewise. In addition something like vampiric powers would be great to be able to customize the Vampire heroes. Lastly some warscrolls that can stand alone without synergies would be great to greatly enhance varietes of list. Make it possible to go all out with Vampires but also make it viable to mash together some different unit types. Buffs like +1A to Vampire Lords and Blood knights for example feel too narrow when you compare it to things like Seraphons -1 dmg... armywide. Vince V talked about this in his last Warhammer weekly, 45 degree angle design is essentially it, combining linear and modular design.
  9. Yeah please don't forget the Vargheists (I'm painting 6 right now 😄). I really hope they stay to represent the feral vamp gone too far without blood. Also make some cool rules so they aren't just flying ogors like today. Something representing their frenzy in combat, like 6's to hit do 2 hits and something fluffy.
  10. Damn all these vampires are amazing! This feels like Vampire Counts 2.0 which I love with some quirky twists (some real horror vibe). We are going to be spoilt for choice with our heroes. Maybe an elite allegiance (precious soulblight) could have the possibility to have more heroes in the list, so we can use all these goodies. Also I would love the ability to have some more customization for the vampires, something like vampiric powers in Vampire Counts in addition to the bloodlines. I want my blender Vampire lord back I would also like a regular mounted vampire lord model in addition to a new big centrepiece. But everything now is just icing on this lovely cake honestly.
  11. Damn, this is a good time to be a Soulblightplayer, those Blood Knights are gorgeous and everything I hoped for 😍
  12. January has been super productive for me! I finished: Colossal Squig 3 Rockguts 18 Squig herd(s) Maybe my mangler squig! Also basecoated a lot of trolls, squigs gobbos and finished their bases. Not the greatest camera though but the army is coming along nicely.
  13. For this month I pledge to finish 30 Grimghast Reapers, finish 5 Dragon Princes that I painted years ago(blood knights) as well as basecoat 5 more Dragon Princes (Blood knight proxies) that I just bought. If I feel good I might also rebase 10 Grave Guard to round bases and start painting these.
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