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  1. Hi! As I understand things, you choose the order you activate the abilities in the Hero Phase, so I would assume this works. Same reason you can plant a Seraphon Astrolith Bearer's Standard first, and have your Slann benefit from the improved cast rolls in the same hero phase. I've definitely done that, so can't see why it wouldn't work elsewhere!
  2. Hi guys My query is this: Is there anything that states the Banner Bearer and Musician cannot be the same model? I ask as I am building Mournfang Cavalry in units of 2, and it would be useful to be able to take the Skalg, and a Musician/Banner Bearer. Can I have my cake and eat it too? Thanks in advance
  3. Both sound options! Off to eBay, let's see what we can rustle up. Look forward to showing off the finished product. I'm torn between pure gobbos or branching out into Destruction. Entirely too indecisive for a hobby such as this. Thanks!
  4. Hi folks, just signed up to the tga, so expect to see me all over the place in the coming months. I'm starting a destruction army, and I have a couple of Doom Divers on the way to be the long ranged arm of Gork/Mork. However, the rules stipulate that the effectiveness of the piece is affected by how many crew are by the catapult. Any ideas on models to use as these crew? The models I have only have one! Thanks!
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