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  1. It took me 4 days, but I finally reed every post in this topic thread. The works and ideas here are astonishing. Awesome work everyone! Sooo much inspiration, hopefully I will have something to post soon.
  2. WOW! All of your stuff is insanely good. The ideas, conversions, and painting is all astonishing. Thank you for sharing not only your images but even step by step guides on how you did it.
  3. I really like the fact that they all have masks! Great job overall and I love the backstory.
  4. This chariot will have my original Slambo model.
  5. These are my sorcerer lords. I may convert the first one with a chopped up flamer.
  6. Hi, I have always wanted to play a chaos chariot themed army. I bought a couple chaos chariots a few years ago, but they have been sitting in my hobby draw ever since. After digging through my bits box And finding an old orc chariot, 3 tomb kings chariots, an OOP metal chaos chariot, and an old OOP metal alter of sigmar, I decided to give it a go. Some of the models I’m using for this army are probably close to 35 years old. The narrative behind the army is that they are a marauding ravenger tribe in shyish who stay alive by staying on the move and salvaging. Kind of a mix between Orc speed freaks and mad max but with a chaos aesthetic. For the chaos lords on daemon mounts I am using OOP metal chaos warriors torsos Mounted on the steam powered empire knights conversion GW Offered on their site back when they sold bit bundles. My two sorcerer lords are on foot until I can figure out a way to represent a chaos lord on manticore with wheels. I’m still in the building process and I will need to either paint over or strip the horrible paint jobs I did on some of the models years ago. It isn’t a super competitive army. It has 8 chariots and 5 hero’s. Hopefully, the marauders coming in on the table edges will give me some bodies to help contest/claim objectives. I take some pics in a few minutes to show my progress so far.
  7. Location: Silsbee, Texas, United States Name: Don Bullock Contact: via forum Game: Age of Sigmar but interested in Warcry and Mordhiem
  8. I love themed armies that pull from lore overlooked by other gamers. I am also working on a COS army and I find the opportunities for conversion almost limitless. To answer your question on green stuff, try your local home improvement/ hardware store. If you look in the area of the store where glue and epoxy is located you should be able to find two part epoxy called kneadatite. It is about 15 to 20 dollars US for a 36 inch roll.
  9. Squigs are awesome and Bonesplitterz look like they would be awesome to play as well. Good luck.
  10. Hi, I’m Don. I live in Southeast Texas and have only played a couple games of AOS so far. I have been a fan of GW since Rouge Trader. I Love the art, minis, and lore GW have produced over the years. I grew up in a small town just outside of Savannah, Georgia and remember the first time I picked up a White Dwarf. A fantasy world filled with tattooed, orange Mohawk wearing dwarfs and green skins with the coolest accents I had ever read....awww yeah I was hooked! Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I moved to Orlando, Florida many years later that I actually had the opportunity to play on a regular basis. That was during Warhammer Fantasy 6th/7th. I played in a handful of tournaments during that time like the Direwolf and had a blast even though I was always at the bottom tables lol. I always enjoyed a thematic narrative based list. I left Florida and the hobby to go back to school, and after graduating moved to Southeast Texas just in time for The End Times. It took me a few years to get over my heartbreak from the world that was but over time I warmed up to the lore of AOS. I am currently working on painting a Cities of Sigmar Hallowheart army and converting A Slaves to Darkness mostly chariot army. Hopefully I will eventually find some AOS players in my area.
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