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  1. You could try one of each but I personally found crawlers a bit disappointing, especially when I used one. They are extremely swingy. Of course when you roll nicely, they do a lot of damage but I find clash + durability much more efficient for OBR.
  2. Wouldn’t you like to try harvesters instead of crawlers? If someone destroys one of your MG or kavalos units, you’re going to struggle to hold objectives. Harvesters are awesome in keeping you MG units alive and can heal Nagash as well.
  3. Thanks @Btimmy! It all makes sense. I needed to vent a bit. I wish we found ways to make our army more competitive with these top-tier armies too. Otherwise Death seems to be crippled.
  4. Yeah, that's exactly what my opponent said. Still, so frustrating. But he also said that it would be the same with his Seraphons (if not even worse). I wonder if it would be the same with KO, Fyreslyers and possibly well assembled lists of CoS. Haven't played against them but I am afraid it could be. The problem is that the number of these armies seems to be growing and we got nerfed getting nothing instead... If we at least got some teleport. Slow armies like ours should get it if they are to stay competitive.
  5. I had another game against Tzeench yesterday and I must admit it was a disaster. I put: After the first spell casting and shooting, I had 22 morteks from the big block and 1 harvester was already gone. I charged into him and killed a lot of pinks and blues but then another round and shooting came and I was left with 10 morteks (one of the tens), 1 crawler, 1 harvester and Katakros. We stopped as it didn't make sense. Maybe if I had a double-turn and was lucky in my shooting with crawlers, I could do anything but... Honestly, this was terrible. How can one fight flamers which deal, say, 18 attacks on 2+ with re-roll, D3 damage each...? Do you have any means how to deal with shooting armies which start the 1st round? I think that Petrifex was our only weapon against it. I have no clue why GW decided to hit us so hard but they definitely made our lists competitive at our level only.
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback and the discussion. So I played against Tzeench and picked the list without Arkhan. I made one big mistake and wasn't lucky with my shooting so I lost but it was real fun and morteks did stand strong. Next time I am going to try Katakros, 2 crawlers, 2 harvesters, 40 + 10 + 10 morteks. I believe it's gonna be fun.
  7. I wanted to include Arkhan to block some of their magic. Isn't it worth it? If not, I'd put Katakros Boneshaper 20x Morteks 20x Morteks 20x Morteks 5x Kavalos Mortek Crawler Mortek Crawler I tested this before and was quite robust but I had to be careful not to lose too many morteks. In my last game I was left with a single block of morteks, Katakros and both crawlers. Thankfully time was up and I won
  8. I'd bet we'd ignore it but I am not sure. Why?
  9. I'm having a game against Seraphon or Tzeentch tomorrow. It is a casual game but against a good player and his armies are well built. I am thinking of the following list Legion: Mortis Praetorians Katakros Arkhan 20x Mortek Guard 20x Mortek Guard 5x Kavalos Deathriders Mortek Crawler Mortek Crawler Nightmare Predator What are your thoughts? My experience so far has been that Mortek Guard in 20s die quite fast against strong units. The alternative would be to have 40x and 20x but then I'd have only 2 units to control any objectives. In my army I can theoretically release another 30 Mortek Guards, 2 Harvesters and 1 Boneshaper. I'd be grateful for any advice.
  10. So saaad. Looked like a nice weapon against armies with multitude CPs. Thank you!
  11. I have a question regarding Aviarch Spymaster ability available for Katakros. It says: Once per turn you can roll a dice when your opponent receives a command point. If you do so, on a 4+ that command point is lost. I’m struggling to understand the meaning of „once per turn”. Does this mean I can make a roll for just one command point my opponent receives (e.g. at the beginning of their turn/hero phase) and if they get more in the same phase, I can’t make any rolls or I can make rolls for all command points they receive in a single phase (e.g. they get 1 command point at the beginning of their turn/hero phase and then in the same hero phase they use a special ability to generate additional CPs)?
  12. Thanks @rosa! Do you have any thoughts on the list? I have never played OBR so I cannot assess it myself but in my dreams, it works like a blender
  13. Folks, I have a dilemma. I am a Death player for love. I have been playing NH, LoN quite successfully (not against Seraphon though as I got tabled in the 1st round) and OBR has been my dream as they are beautiful and powerful. Last week I got a full army but didn’t unpack it right away sensing some commotion that could come. And here it came. Please, advise me - is OBR with nerfed PE still strong enough to be competitive compared to armies like LoN? I am looking for something that could compete and sometimes win against Tzeentch or Seraphon - just not to be ashamed. Asking cause I can still return my army with heavy heart and wait for better times for Death... To show lots of good will, I tried to attempt a competitive list and came up with: Legion: Mortis Praetorians Katakros (general) Boneshaper 40 Mortek Guard 20 Mortek Guard 20 Mortek Guard 1 Mortek Crawler 1 Mortek Crawler 1990 pts Katakros and Boneshaper go in the middle. 40 MG before them for screening. Crawlers on both sides a bit at the back to shoot like hell and screen K’s back. 20 MGs on wings. K heals and adds +1 save all over 18-36”. What are your thoughts?
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