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  1. Here comes some ghostly reinforcements
  2. Greetings. Can someone explain me, why everyone is fond of Horroghast? His main ability is to block comand abilities in battleshock phase in 12" wholly within aura. But 15 points more we have geminids, which can block ALL comand abilities in TWO different units irrespective their size and spread aroind the table. In additon - two mortal wounds. Aren't geminids better all around except price?
  3. Add more reapers. 2x20 or 1x30.
  4. Greetings, my fellow ghosts. What do you think about idea - Emerald Host without Lady O? Let me explain: KoSoES - General, Ruler Cruciator - Pendant carrier Guardian - WусhLightLantern Spirit Torment Reapers x30 - to walk with GoS - anvil #1. Spirit Hosts x6 - to walk with Cruciator - anvil #2. Hexwraiths x10 (or 2x5) - to walk with KoSoES and ST - hammer #1. Revenants x10 + Chainghasts - to walk together - hammer #2. Black Coach - to be distraction carnifex and hosts carrier.
  5. No one will cry for 16 stalkers...
  6. 20 bladegheists is a problem. Coherency problem, base size problem, survivability problem. I thought that 20 models with 1" reach weren't good on AoS 2.0, but nowadays with new rules it became even worse. As for me 10men are ideal. Why do you take cogs here? +1 to charge is' so good, +1 cast for only two casters is too pricey. Why dont you reinforce rasps into 30 men?
  7. You misread battalion rules. There are no mention of general here. There are only two types of heroes - with ANY count of wounds and with LOWER than 10 wounds. First are commanders, second are sub-commanders. So - one hero cannot be commander and sub-commander together, you need to decide which one. Also one hero cannot be commander for more than one battalion.
  8. Forget Kurdoss. He can't, Just can't. No. Literally every other pick for 180 is better. Even 12 stalkers.
  9. I have fully painted 12 Myrmourns, 16 stalkers, 60 rasps. Feel my pain.
  10. Another one Reikenor's Condemned Warlord (for extra CP and artefact): Spirit Torment (Fell wind) Krulghast (Ruler of the Spirit Hosts) - general Reikenor (Soul Cage) Chainghasts Battle Regiment (for minimize drop): Guardian of souls (Corpse Candle, shademist) Spirit Hosts x6 Myrmourn x5 Black Coach Hunters of the Heartlands (to ignore monster roars) Chainrasps x20 Reapers x30 Bladegheists x10 Grand Strategy - Hold The Line Spirit Hosts with Cruciator - anvil, Reapers with GoS - hammer, Reikenor as Mortal Spam, Coach as distraction (and source of Spirit Hosts), Rasps as suicide squad for scoring, myrmourns with GhastHeists as MSU.
  11. How I see ghosts in 3.0: Emerald Host: Warlord (for extra CP and artefact): Dreadblade (Fell wind) Krulghast Guardian of souls (wychlight lantern, shademist) Chainghasts Battle Regiment (for minimize drop): Olynder (soulcage) - general Spirit Torment Hexwraiths x5 Hexwraiths x5 Hunters of the Heartlands (to ignore monster roars) Chainrasps x30 Reapers x30 Bladegheists x10 Grand Strategy - Hold The Line Lady O with bodyguards and torment for OlyBomb, reapers with GoS and rasrps with Krul as hammer and anvil, gheists with ghasts as MSU, Dreadblade everywhere for winding, scoring, warding and distracting.
  12. Sorry, but I see zero damage here. Cruciator can give 5+++, but who will benefit? Chainghasts can give rerolls, but who will benefit? Guardian of souls can give +1 to wound, but who will benefit? Olynder can dash a mortal rain, but who will protect her? 20 rasps will be deleted to still breathe, even with full rerolls they still can do pathetically low damage. 4 banshees can't do anything. 4 attacks on 4+ is nothing at all. As for me - Chainghasts are great with bladegheists, Cruciator and Guardian can make a block of 30 reapers even deadlier, Olynder is in great need of Emerald Host and 2x5 hexwraiths. Rasps are great in blocks of 40 as anvil or 10 as suicide squad for next wave of attackers or objective campers. At first - add some firepower here.
  13. While all other main named characters gain Warmaster keyword to be "always generals in addition" Olinder doesn't. That's a shame. Nagash is the weakest Warmaster, lol.
  14. Can someone explain me Ghur's batallions? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/06/15/ghur-basically-eats-your-objectives-with-the-rules-in-the-new-generals-handbook/ I'm mostly unterested in Hunters of the Heartlands. Just take two units and it will be complete batallion with great ablitiy - to counter new moster rules. Won't it be great idea to take 30 reapers and 30 rasps which are immune to roars? What should I do to take this battaion? Or I just say "I'll take it" and thats all?
  15. 3++ is one of the greatest cancers of 40k (only 2++ is worse) and GW erased it from nearly all armies there. 3+ ethereal sound awfull and too powerfull. 5+++ ward we can easily have for 120 points, and I think it is a fair trade. One of the most hilarious things that "Frightful touch" already have ALL swamp orruks in dominion and all Teclis aelves, but not nighthaunts - creations of pure magic. Thats a pity.
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