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  1. Diemer84

    Optimizing Lords of Sacrament

    If you have 40 points to spare in your list, then why not upgrade your VLOZD to Vhordrai? If the standard VLOZD cannot be your general I feel like Vhordrai is a lot better, and with a. pinions and his shooting attack he is scary.
  2. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Really looking forward to the next drafts with whatever edits you will make. Having a game against bretonnia next weekend, so I wait in eagerness. Also, I think I forgot to mention the retreat and charge mechanic. I really dislike that. The ability to keep dealing mortal wounds each turn with an extreme range capacity(12"+3d6, from any model in the unit) is just too good. Also I hate it fluff wise. The one problem with the knights should be if they fail to do lethal damage on the charge and are stuck in a prolonged combat. They have no weaknesses right now. Best regards
  3. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Not to be impolite, but I don’t think that you have read the steam tanks actual warscroll. The green knight vs steam tank is an odd comparison which I am not going to do. Also, in general, perhaps one should be careful not to cherrypick and always compare to strong units for their points. Said with the best of intentions.
  4. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    I completely agree!
  5. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Sure, even though the mourngul is nerfed to the point is it nigh unplayable, it still has many similarities to the current green knight. Before the mourngul lost it´s 5+ save against wounds and mortal wounds, at 400 points the mourngul was no powerhouse, but still usable. I merely wished to make the clear that the extreme difference in points(160 and 400) should call for a point increase and also removal of abilities for the green knight. Thank you for pointing out that the mourngul is mismanaged! It has a great spot on my shelf which it will not be removed from for a while;-)
  6. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    First of all, a great cadeu for making this battletome. Awesome awesome work. I have been testing and comparing a lot of units and abilities from the battletome, and I have a few suggestions for it. Protection from the spirits: Hero, shooting and charge phase. really odd. I like the fluff of it being in the shooting phase. But in the hero phase to save against spells and the charge phase it a little odd. The rule should be simplified. Favour tokens: It should be very clear when these can be used. Right now you could make your to hit rolls, get a lot of ones and then choose to use a token. The token should be used o a unit in the beginining of a phase. Fair Tailwind: Should say "until next hero phase". Obfuscation of the spirits: Should not be able to improve or decrease saves. Just immune to rend. Just like Death units have it now. Revivify: The text is unclear and difficult to understand how many returns and the exact conditions. Siriennes Locket: Should say "rounding down" and also discard the 5+ ability completely Men-at-arms: should be a 6+ save as standard instead of 5+. right now it´s 60 pointsfor 10 men with a 4+ save with shield, which is easily made immune to battleshock! what a steal. The green knight: Probably the most broken thing in the tome for 160 points!!! compare it with the mourngul at 350 and you will realise the beggist difference is 3 wounds. The mourngul even lost the ability to negate wounds at 5+ save. which the green knight still haves. The diffrence with them is 3 wounds, the moungul has´-1 to hit and can regenerate. The green knight instead can come back from the dead, negate wounds on a 5+, actually hits better and has the ability to do 5*1d3+1 mortal wounds on the charge on a 5+, which is easiliy improved. Perhaps the green knight should loose his blade of old, and foliate shield. And even then he should still be set at perhaps 220 point cost. My two cents. best regards
  7. Diemer84

    Grand Host of Nagash - Making it work

    What is Wolly mammoths list?
  8. Diemer84

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    What do you Think if this LoN army? Mannfred 420 40 skeletons 280 40 Skeletons 280 Necromancer 110. 970 Corpsecart 80 4 morghast harbingers 220 Arkhan 320 10 zombies 1990
  9. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    I think the crossbowmen should be better than peasant archers. I havent dont the math on the crossbowmen. But the danger with the bowmen is the once per game ability to autodelete most things. 3+TH reroll 1s(token), 4+ TW reroll 1´s with 90 attacks, gives me an average og 42 wounds for 30 bowmen. I would like to warn about the retreat and charge. With puny slow skaven clanrats it can be a game-winning map control move, for fast moving high damaging bretonnian knights, it takes them up a power level for sure and changes their gameplay drastically, making them almost impossible for opponents to tie up/respond to. Haven´t tested it with knights, but I have used skaven tactics a lot;-) Best regards
  10. Diemer84

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Very nice work with the tome so far, I am impressed and really like the idea. A few comments on what I have seen so far: 1/ Why have you chaged the spell of the Fay enchantress to give +1 TH and +1 TW and casting 8? I think it makes the spell very risk/reward. But also the +1 TW would make 10 grail knights mortal wounds machines, dealing 30+ mortals and equally many rend -1, which sound like too much to me.. 2/ the favour tokens, love ém. But the retreat/charge mechanic seems very un-bretonnian, and also extremely potent. Being able to break from combat and doing a charge 20 inches awar from the combat perhaps even with the above mentioned buffs... what map control! 3/ The spell that offers +2 to save seem imbalanced. combined with mystic for +3. Does really¨get the normal AoS feel with such powerstacking. 4/ achers, making them hit on a 2+ doesn´t feel right for peasant bowmen... What I could remember after a quick read :-)
  11. Diemer84

    2k competitive lists

    I am currently working on an army and am considering the following. Allegiance: DeathMannfred Mortarch Of Night (420)- General3x20 zombies (360)Necromancer (110)Corpsecart (80)Mourngul (400)Ghoul king on terrorgheist (400)- Artifact: Cursed book Reinforcement Points (220)Total: 1990 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400 the idea is to merge the 3 units of zombies to get a large horde. The necromancer will grant a deathless minions as well as makig the zombies do actual damage on the double pile in. The corpsecart grants an imporant +1 to casting for Mannfred. Aiding him in casting mystic shield on the mourngul and summoning harbingers. Variations could be starting with 2 archai instead of the summoning points if it feels unreliable. Or drop 10 zombies and the reinforcement points for 6 spirit hosts.
  12. Diemer84

    2k competitive lists

    I thought that we could use this topic to post some of the lists that have worked the best. Or maybe some of the most efficient lists we could theorize for death.
  13. Diemer84

    Help with with competitive all Skaven chaos army

    Very interesting list and idea with the two assassins. Unfortunately, the The Deceiver does not have the SKAVEN keyword and therefore cannot be used to hide assassins. I would love to see your competitive VERMINUS lists, I struggle to make it work myself.
  14. Diemer84

    Help with with competitive all Skaven chaos army

    Haven´t tried this exact lists yet, but something very similiar. 2 WLC 360 40 Clanrats 240 10 Clanrats 60 10 Clanrats 60 Verminlord Deceiver 320 6 Stormfiends 600 Packmaster 60 Verminlord warpseer 260 Maybe 15 skryre acolytes instead of a WLC