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  1. Do we know if all the aos warscrolls will still be free? Loved the AoS app currently but never cared for the army builder as there are more simply, easier to use and better army builders out there for free. What I did love was using the app for the warscrolls, adding them to your 'army' for quick access in each game. I hope this is still a feature. I subscribed to the 40k app on release and regretted it, never signed up again. Total poop compared to the AoS one.
  2. It's late here and I've had a lot of wine so sorry if this sounds stupid... how do the grave guard pile in 6??? I need to try this.
  3. I think Behemoths are a double edged sword. As you say, they score extra in some plans, there are also battle tactics for monsters, or ones that score more from being completed by monsters, which is huge in a lot of plans that give 2VP just for doing a battle tactic. However, the other edge of the sword is your opponent gets 1VP for each monster they kill. There are also battle tactics specifically for slaying monsters, so you give them the opportunity to complete those too. Some plans you score more for heroes nearby and if you've sunk 900 points into two heroes I think there's little room for others. I think I also remember seeing some where battleline score extra, which again with 900 in two heroes you'll likely have less for battleline. I think multi-behemoth lists Will be good, but just beware you are also giving the opponent (potentially) more VP too.
  4. Core rules 27.3.3 a hero cannot take more than one artefact of power. Edit reread your post and you mean two different heroes... that is quite funny
  5. Yea I've used soulpike almost every game with Belladama and it's been really powerful. Got a unit of zombies near a stegadon in one game and it cast twice (9+) and did like 10 mortal wounds or something crazy. Also just FYI, not sure if it was a simple mistake or you weren't aware - it's within 18, not wholly within, which makes it fairly decent range too. It's a very scary spell for anyone with average and lower bravery.
  6. Nagash already went up by 95 when the soulblight book (intended for 3.0) came out. Then he went down 5. So he went up a total of 90 for 3.0, which is pretty standard as most stuff on average seemed to increase about 10% Might be miss-remembering but I'm sure he was 880 before soulblight.
  7. What are your opinions on the price hike... do you think its some form of summoning tax? I don't play slaanesh, but comparing the stand-out units seems crazy... 230 for 5 slick blades vs 195 for blood knights. 180 for 10 archers vs 150 for sentinels. 130 for daemonettes vs 115 for bloodletters. It definitely feels heavy handed, I'd like to think there's a reason. I have experience playing vs slaanesh and those costs really seem out, I'd put slicks at 170 maybe 180, archers 140, daemonettes 115.
  8. Knew I'd seen it somewhere but couldn't find it again! Edit: not sure if I'm being really stoopid. Could you tell me what page/section? I can't even find a matched play section lol. Edit 2: saw the post above about YouTube videos thanks. Assuming this will be in the GHB too, as it's not in the free core rules and I cba to watch a 40 min video to find it...
  9. Where is this? ghb leak? I just want to see all the rules dammit
  10. Is being 1 drop so important now? The first turn is just a roll off.
  11. So slain is 100% different to flee now. this makes resurrection a bit more confusing...
  12. Yeah this is going to be great! I'm I'm so happy we can finally have a magic based vampire lord with more than 1 cast! May not be ideal, but who cares I love me a magic focussed vamp.
  13. I've been using a mod called SAGA AOM and they have tons of armies. There's a vampire one with mannfred riding a wolf. I scaled him down to match 60mm and use him as belladama. (He also moves on his base like wizards chess which is cool) For radukar I use the big varghulf thing from cursed city and scale it to 60mm. I know it's not the same, but it at least looks cooler than a blank base.
  14. This could make some way too good to ally in to other armies IMO.
  15. It also states on the side of the spell enhancement bit, underlined and bolded EVERY wizard in the army knows an additional spell. Unique characters are a wizard in the army, so this could also be 'otherwise stated'
  16. Yep i mentioned it a bit further back, will find the page. 'Unmodified' rolls such as 'unmodified hit rolls of a 6' are after any rerolls. So archaons takes precedence. Core rules page 4, 1.5.5
  17. Actually the rules state save rolls cannot be modified by more than +1. If you have two abilities that both give a +1 modifier to save rolls, you still cap at +1, because a save roll cannot be modified by more than +1. Even if you get hit with rend 2, that gives -2 to your save roll, you then have a +1 modifier from mystic shield. This still counts as a +1 to your save roll, even though you are now rolling at a total of -1. Edit. I may be wrong here lol.
  18. All the lore etc. In previous editions I think there were some battleplans, path to glory and other bits. Plus all the core rules (but you can download them for free). So you can quite easily just get the generals handbook and download the core book rules.
  19. I'm just at work and very tired so it slipped my mind, but yes obviously ignoring modifiers also ignores positive modifiers. You heal 2d3 from heroic actions each battle round, have access to automatic ethereal spell so 4+ ignoring modifiers, 5+ ward etc etc as I've already stated above, he's definitely not squishy. And casting certain spells aren't wasted, he's a huge buffing piece that even if he does no spells at all he's giving almost army-wide spell immunity on a 4+ and dishing out mortals in return. Him purely casting spells isn't all he does. The ethereal spell is definitely not wasted on him, if he's coming in a 2k a battle, he's the priority target especially for things like ironclads and heavy shooting lists. With ethereal he's saving 50% of shots on him even if they are rend 2 or higher (cannon shots at rend 2 making him need to roll a 6 vs needing to roll a 4 is massive), then also has a 5+ ward on top of that and the free hero phase heals. Moreover he doesn't only give himself the ward, he gives it to his massive bubble. On top of 4+ spell immunity baked in. Makes the whole army tougher, and keeping him ethereal means the whole army will be tougher for longer. All he really needs to do is sit back and cast ethereal, protection, his seering storm through a spell portal and you're golden. And you still have one spell left over if you put the portal up with someone else. Anyway, this is going very off topic. My point is that all the big guys (teclis definitely included) are now VERY hard to kill, 2d3 heals per round can be crazy good, on top of potential heals elsewhere and wards etc. AND the new heroic actions and monstrous actions, make large heroes incredibly good now, and I think not taking one is just gimping yourself now. Not just picking on the elves here too. I play soulblight and can see this being very troublesome- mannfred can now heal 4d3 per battle round, ignoring the first wound in each phase and teleporting out of combat if he wants. On top of this, he can cast arcane bolt, charge into combat, do the monstrous stomp for d3 mortals, unleash arcane bolt for d3 mortals, then teleport away anywhere on the map. Neferata can now heal 2d6+2d3 per battleround and can be 2+ ethereal relatively easily.
  20. Yea this depends entirely on faqs and updates as the soulblight 'ethereal' spell only ignores negative modifiers, but still ethereal 4+ with 5+ ward, a 4+ immunity to magic and auto dispelling a spell + healing 2d3 is definitely not squishy.
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