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  1. I don’t come at NPE from an AoS perspective (I have plenty of experience with NPE through other games), but LRL doesn’t seem to be able to generate the sort of situation that is really required to shape a broad NPE against the list. There are already lists that counter it (various alpha-striking lists and some others depending on the LRL strategy you are looking at) and a number of strategic approaches that mitigate the effectiveness of LRL lists based on Teclis. Much of the complaints I’ve seen in videos have been more rooted in having to actually consider something new (a magic phase dominant list with board control tools in that phase. It seems that is new?) rather than the LRL actually being strong inherently. The cries of NPE seem much more tied to a new list that requires revision of strategy rather than the LRL’s ability to inherently dominate games. TBH alpha-strike lists of the sort that can kill Teclis turn 1 seem far more damaging to the game (ie NPE) from a new player perspective than anything LRL is bringing to the table.
  2. Well its text says they become one model, and your wizard can move. (Isn't there another endless that already works like that?)
  3. And my scheme largely sorted with Eltharion all done:
  4. If (or when) I paint him again I’ll want to paint the cloak separate, there are a number of annoying spots to get done with the cloak attached.
  5. Having gone thropugh the GHB 2020 today I'm feeling like we have a lot of answers for the general structure of Objective play. You will have to play the objectives, but it looks like we have a good capacity to do just that. Ymetrica seems to be the least competitive of the GNs for the current environment set up by the GHB2020. Though I can see them performing well in the Meeting Engagement format where their low(er) cost for battleline and the smaller table size over comes some of their issues. Not sure that Iliatha needs to be built around MSU based strategies, though I understand how MSU benefits from it. That said looking at the batteplans I wonder if larger units of sentinels screened by small units of wardens isn't a better base for them.
  6. I’m not enamoured of the prospect of assembling 15 more Dawnriders, but... There are 2 extra helm fronts (the “leader” helm) and at least 1 extra helm back with a different design. So across 2 units this let’s you easily have 2 different sets of heads. (Or you can save them up to avoid cow helms like I plan to do...) The lance arms should be pretty easy to reposition a little so that the same base has a slight variation in pose. Adding pennants to some of them will change it up even more for quick table viewing. I generally agree with ChrisNoAnts’ assessment of them though. (Mind I just left the shields off, nothing else seemed an issue for assembled painting.)
  7. Top of page 68: "chose or roll for one spell from one of the following tables for each Wizard". This is also where Teclis gets all the spells from. The Lore of Hysh and Lore of the High Peaks then specify which wizards can roll/choose on those tables.
  8. Oh, in my tinkering for serious lists I'm running running the Dawnriders, the above list is purely for thematic amusement, the fact is might work for casual play just makes it more amusing
  9. When you stop trying to build a serious list for Iliatha....Avalenor, the Stoneheart King (360)- GeneralL'aura Pa'lmer (140)Scinari Cathallar- Artefact: Silver Wand- Lore of Hysh: Ethereal BlessingD'ale Kuuper (130)Alarith Stonemage- Artefact: Simulcra Amulet- Lore of the High Peaks: Voice of the MountainHarri S'truman (130)Alarith Stonemage- Artefact: Ebony Stone- Lore of the High Peaks: Entomb20 x Vanari Auralan Wardens (240)- Lore of Hysh: Speed of Hysh20 x Vanari Auralan Wardens (240)- Lore of Hysh: Speed of Hysh10 x Vanari Auralan Sentinels (140)- Lore of Hysh: Protection of Hysh10 x Vanari Auralan Sentinels (140)- Lore of Hysh: Protection of HyshAlarith Spirit of the Mountain (340)Auralan Legion (120) Note there are bugs in the Warscroll Builder app - it incorrectly makes 1 Sentinel and 1 Dawnrider unit Battleline per Warden unit, and it also doesn't include the Iliatha artefact
  10. I think this idea is a key thing, giving your opponent an array of spells they may need to unbind. At 30 points I don't see a reason not to take the Twinstones (outside of a Ymetrica Stoneguard based list), their benefit to us is large and your opponent in many cases will have to choose between you getting +1 to cast or getting off other more directly annoying spells to them. Making opponents make choices like this is a key part of the list. Yes there will be lists out there that can match your caster numbers, but those lists are why you don't want your whole strategy to hinge on casting spells.
  11. With Ymetrica those Stoneguard are Battleline, so just in Wardens and Stoneguard you have 4 battleline, with the way Wardens work plus your Sentinels you have 6 Battleline.
  12. New to AoS and trying to understand artifacts. In the following: GN: Ilithia 1x Eltharion 1x Cathalar (General) 2x Wardens 2x Sentinels 1x Auralan Legion Can Eltharion get the Simulacra Amulet or must it go to the Cathalar?
  13. Remember the “square bases” announcement a few months back? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tyrion’s armies be reserved for that. Oh this is also my first AoS proper purchase, I’ve purchased Sylvaneth start collecting kits before for a non-GW use, but LRL I got for AoS. The “complete starting point” was a good sell for me.
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