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  1. Hey I am new to Skaven or at least thought about starting Skaven. Wanted to maybe buy into a 1000 point start to play with a friend for now. Do you guys think it is okay to play without Clan Rats at the start? I like Stormfiends. So I thought about buying 2 times 3 Stormfiends for battleline. I know I would be missing numbers but would it be that horrible that i couldnt have fun with it? If I got up to 2000 points and would look into a more competitive list I would look into Clan Rats but I feel like I would prefer to play around with the "fun" models for the beginning.
  2. Thank you for explaining ^^ I did not know there was a differenciation between Text and Sub Text in the name of a unit.
  3. @RUNCMDoh no didnt say you arent but i was afraid since you are the one who also plays like this you would ofcourse support this interpretation of the rules so i asked for another oppinion. Did not mean to insult you. Let me ask you this. When you say the NONBOLD written Tzaangor Enlightened means the key word Tzaangor enlightened which would include Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc and not the name Tzaangor Enlightened which would exclude those on Discs since there name is different. Why do you think for example in the Changehost battalion the name Horror-Heroes is written in bold. If the
  4. @RUNCMDnononono you dont get me. If i look at that battalion in the book. The Tzaangor Enlightened unit needed for said battalion is NOT written in bold. What i get is that there is not the keyword written. The battalion does not ask for the keyword Tzaangor Enlightened. It asks for the UNIT Tzaangor Enlightened which would be not on discs. @MitGascould you help me here? You seemed reasonable. Explain this one to me if you woudnt mind please
  5. I have a question. Does the battalion not call for Enlightened on foot? I thought if it was asking for the keyword Enlightend it would been to be written in bold.
  6. Does that also count for enlightened on foot or only on disc? I read through some pages in this forum and a lot of people seem to think enlightened on foot arent worth there time.
  7. @MitGasyeah the mount model looks realy out of date sadly. but thank you. At least now i know he woudnt be a deadweight in a list if i should start tzeentch ^^
  8. I am looking for a new army and thought about maybe picking up Tzeentch. I love the spell of the Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore. Is he worth anything or is he just too expensive for a level 1 wizard?
  9. @Siegfried VII the stormcast got this fancy winged mountain goat thing lately. A Tauralon? That looks kinda good if you cut off the stormcast symbols off of its armor. But its not as heavily armored as those dracoth and stuff its really just a bit. Got that stone thing going for it because it literally looks like a winged mountain goat. Dunno about base sizes for the Cowmountains but doesnt look too small. Though admittedly Tauralons cost 90 Euro so eh. Dunno how high your budget for conversions go.
  10. We translated the Nations on page 108 in this discussion for anybody who cant speak German.
  11. @Siegfried VIIi wasnt talking to you there? I am sorry i think i quoted the wrong post and then had to delete a quote and requote by editing. i wa stalking to the guy who asked about why there was a stonemage in somebodies list. Refering to our situation. As i said the most "order" lookin big mount we have for that base is a griffon from cities of sigmar. If you want something stoneish we only have stonehorns in age of sigmar. Could do maybe some kitbashing but that would have to be some more effort since the face of the stonehorn definetly doesn not look in line with our lets say "hero
  12. To keep in mind. Stonemages are the only non-Teclis option for the second spell lore in this book. Indeed almost everything is a wizard but almost none is allowed to use the second spell lore
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