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  1. I rarely see Grand Alliance lists when I'm browsing Tabletop TO. They are generally less powerful, because they lose the powerful allegiance abilities in the allegiance-specific Battletomes. It seems like it is generally more advantageous to use Allies instead of a Grand Alliance. I do see Legion of Chaos Ascendant lists, but I wouldn't describe LoCA as a Grand Alliance army.
  2. One of the biggest problems with Skarbrand is that he has a large base and doesn't have fly. He can't jump screens and it's easy to lock him in place. I would try pining your opponents bubblewrap screen in place with trash units while the rest of your army takes objectives. Then your opponent either has to spend a turn killing your chaff (and not moving) or separate the Bloodthrusters from the screen/Skarbrand to chase the rest of your army. A big take away from the game I played this weekend is that movement is the most important part of AoS, not killing the opponents army. EDIT: Also, it reduces your opponent ability fight twice / stack up attacks if there is only one unit in range. Try to not group up your units near the deathball. Your opponent has limited number of combat phases and he'll probably wait to active all his combos if the only unit to kill is trash or a screen.
  3. You can build a list with Grand Alliance Chaos as your allegiance. You'll have access to battleline options in every chaos faction, except "battleline if". The only issue is that you don't currently own any of the battleline options, so you'll have to go buy 3 units. Daemonettes and Kairic Acolytes both count as battleline. You'll want a unit of daemons for the Gaunt Summoner to summon.
  4. If you are hobby/painting focused, then pick whichever model you think you'd enjoy the most orwill hold your attention/focus... if that's painting challenge, look of the sculpt, conversion potential, or whatever else drives your hobby. Narrative focus follows a similar pattern. If you are gaming focused (playing models on the tabletop), I usually find that it's easier to have a list as an end goal. So I spend time creating and tinkering with is list, while working on the core troops. By the time I've finalized what I want to build towards, the special models (larger hero/artillery/build-around unit) have generally stabilized. If I had to give you an answer, I would go for the Glotkin as it matches your existing Rotbringers on a larger scale. I've tried to build lists around the Maggothlords and I desperately want them to be good... but they just don't do enough. I do plan on building a list with Morbidex Twiceborn and massive units of nurglings, but that is another story. Rolling buckets of dice that do nothing.
  5. I'd look for the cool stuff you can ally in from StD or Monsters of Chaos, because you can do really sweet custom work on those models (and they don't have to be good)... Fomoroid Crusher, Cockatrice, Mindstealer Sphiranx, Jabberslyth, Chimera, etc. You have 400 points of allies, USE THEM!
  6. I was trying to stay within one grand alliance (Chaos). Greater Daemons count.
  7. I'm curious how you arrived at the 30 / 10 / 10 split for Plague Bearers. What are the pros / cons for this split? The reason I ask is that I'm building a Tallyband list and I'm having a hard time deciding on how to split my Plague Bearer units.
  8. I've been playing for almost the length of COVID now (Nurgle Daemons / LoCA in AoS, Chaos Daemons in 40k) and I'd like to have a Monster Mash style list in addition to the horde army list that I play currently. The idea is to identify a list (or inspiration) that I can built towards over the next year (or longer). So in that spirit, show me your favorite Chaos Monster Mash lists! I'm looking for fun and semi-competitive lists. They don't have to have models/factions in common with the armies I currently play, just be based in Chaos. Thanks in advance.
  9. I've never seen anyone claim the demand for Chaos Dwarves is big. Are there facts to back up this statement? It seems anecdotal at best. If the demand is big, why haven't they remade the skullcracker mold that broke?
  10. There are a bunch of GHB2020 points changes that you are missing (most in your favor). Plug your list into warscroll builder to get the updated points. What do you have available to summon? If you are building from what you have lying around, I feel that that will really dictate your hero / battleline choices. You want to have the right units in reserve for summoning on turns 1 and 2, before anything has died. You only have one wizard who can cast Darkfire Daemonrift and they aren't that durable. I would consider that a risk. I like the inclusion of Nurglings. They are an interesting scout + tarpit unit with the extra 6+ FNP. They give you a really annoying way to block off part of the board.
  11. More interesting lists from TTS on Tabletop.to. Both Bightcyst and Thricefold lists going 2-1. There is also an Archaeon / Nurgle's Menagerie list which didn't do well. https://tabletop.to/hammertime-iii Notable parts of the Thricefold list: Munificent Wanderers Be'Lakor Plaguebearers in units of 30 / 10 / 10 Allied in Untamed Beasts (probably for the pregame move + run and charge) The Untamed Beasts are a clever idea for a slower list. They allow a 6" pregame move plus warscroll run+charge. They can be used as either a screen against deepstrike / teleport / alpha strike or they can first turn charge to try to pin the enemy in their deployment zone. The first turn charge is especially interesting because Thricefold is a slower list. Pining your opponent can allow you to move out and secure board control. All for 70 points.
  12. You don't need to use Belakor in Legion of Chaos Ascendant. I can't seem to find a rule that says you need to use him in the LoCA subfraction: Legion of the First Prince. This subfaction is built around Belakor, so if you don't use him you lose out on the subfaction's Ability & Command Ability (both require Belakor).
  13. A few interesting lists in the Hammertime 2 TTS Tournament. Lists on TableTop TO: https://tabletop.to/hammertime-2 Lists include a Blight Cyst, a Menagerie, and a Tallyband / Menagerie. The Menagerie list from Benjamin Savva looks the most interesting: Allegiance: Nurgle - Host of Chaos: Munificent Wanderers Leaders Horticulous Slimux (220) Lord of Blights (140) - Artefact: Mucktalon The Glottkin (380) - Lore of Malignance: Blades of Putrefaction Harbinger of Decay (160) - General - Command Trait: One Last Gift - Artefact: Tome of a Thousand Poxes Battleline 20 x Chaos Marauders (160) - Axes & Shields 20 x Chaos Marauders (160) - Axes & Shields 30 x Plaguebearers (300) Units 1 x Beasts of Nurgle (70) 1 x Beasts of Nurgle (70) 1 x Beasts of Nurgle (70) Battalions Nurgle's Menagerie (180) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1960 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 131
  14. Only one character means you can only summon Bloodletters, so I would make as many of them available for summoning as possible. Allegiance: Legion of Chaos Ascendant Skulltaker (120) - General - Command Trait: Ruinous Aura - Artefact: Fourfold Blade 20 x Daemonettes (220) 10 x Bloodletters (110) 3 x Flamers of Tzeentch (140) Total: 590 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 41 Use the Skulltaker to summon Bloodletters every turn. The Skulltaker should be durable with re-rollable 4+ save and 5+ FNP. Use the Skulltaker to give the Flamers 5+ FNP with the aura. You can break the Daemonettes into two units if you want.
  15. What was your idea of battalion composition? How big are your Beasts of Nurgle units? What other units were you thinking of taking in the battalion? There are three issues I see with the battalion: 1. It doesn't contain any battleline units. Which units were you planning on taking for battleline? 2. Horti can't take an artifact. How were you planning on using both your artifacts? 3. The bravery debuff requires 7 models, which might be difficult based on battalion composition. In general, bravery debugs aren't super useful unless you build around them (multiple debugs, bravery based abilities). I could see building this battalion and completely ignoring this ability. I haven't used the battalion, but I have looked at summoning in detail. A few pages back, I did some analysis on how likely you are to summon Plague Drones on turn 3 (this is the most offensive / damage unit you can get from summoning). Using the Horti battalion makes it likely to summon Plague Drones on turn 3. By turn 3, the second Horti tree adds 2D3 and the third adds 1D3... this means average going first is 25 pts and average going second is 20 pts. I think the most interesting thing you can do with the Horti battalion is ALSO run a tallyband battalion. With the point drops from GBS2020, you might be able to take enough heroes to use 3 artifacts... I haven't looked at this in a while... so maybe it isn't worth it (it wasn't before GBS2020).
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