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  1. Ticket bought for me (John Burgess) by a generous soul. Looking forward to my first ever Blackout tournament and first trip to Firestorm.
  2. Me either. In a world of power creep we appear to have been nerfed hard. New army time I think.
  3. My first event since Blood Tithe in 2018. Looking forward to this.
  4. South London Leftovers will be there again. This year’s event was the best tournament ever.
  5. Am I reading that right? 2,000 point games and 90 minutes for rounds 1 and 4? Or is that an error as the other three are at 150 minutes?
  6. Hopefully I will get to this one. I enjoyed Honour and Glory!
  7. So I’m pretty sure Mortal Khorne is solid against most Death lists. I’d be looking at bringing a big unit of reavers maybe 2 in gore pilgrims and also ally in Gaunt Summoner with familiars on balewind to deal with any big units of skellies or zombies. Brazen rune artefact is really useful as it stops that vanhels or key mystic shield. Your slaughterpriests will also be useful in dealing with those aggressive heroes such as mortarchs. Use your numbers to hold/screen objectives and get the Summoner to deal with their big numbers, giving you the advantage. Just saying, Gorecleaver on a Juggerlord general is legit. Cheeky unit of Wrathmongers can really put a doubt into the opponents mind when considering charges with Morghasts or someone like Neferata. Hope some of that helps.
  8. Until you make the Juggerlord the General...
  9. The worry is that it is all based on getting the bloodletters into combat before they get picked off. With just a 5+ save or coming up against say a gaunt Summoner, they will melt away fast. I have also been looking at 1k lists and I’ve not found one I’m happy with yet either.
  10. Definitely give the Violent Urgency Command Trait a look. That re-roll charges aura is really useful.
  11. In Generals Handbook 2017 the Gaunt Summoner with Chaos Familiars is 120points not 140.
  12. In this list it is almost exclusively for a balewind vortex for the Gaunt Summoner. Although if he does before getting to summon it, and you get to 8 blood Tithe there is scope to add in 5 flesh hounds, but I think there are generally better uses for blood Tithe points. I find that movement, out of phase attacks or dispels are what I usually spend those on.
  13. That’s fair enough bud. I think the organiser would really be better off significantly adjusting the times. The event realistically needs an extra 2 hours.
  14. Mortal Khorne can still be strong. Took them to the Blood Tithe event last weekend and finished with 5 major wins from 5 games. Maybe branch out and try some new things. Khorgoraths and Blood reavers are amazing.
  15. 2 hours per round is extremely tight at 2,000 points especially with no time between rounds 2 and 3. 2.5 hours with 15 mins between rounds would be much more comfortable. Set up can take up to 30 mins in some cases then some armies have nearly 1 hour first turns.
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