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  1. Assuming it’s true that Concussors and Knight-Incantor got 20pts cheaper, they seem even better options now. So I couldn’t resist trying out a list. Any thoughts on this: Leaders: Celestial Hurricanum with Celestial Battlemage (280) Spell: Lifesurge Dreadlord on Black Dragon (300) Artefact: Spear of the Hunt Freeguild General (General) (100) Command Trait: Ironoak Artisan Knight-Incantor (General's Adjutant) (120) Spell: Cage of Thorns Battleline: Freeguild Crossbowmen (300) Quantity: 30 Freeguild Handgunners (Retinue) 100) Quantity: 10 Freeguild Handgunners (100) Quantity: 10 Other Units: Concussors (440) Quantity: 4 Freeguild Outriders (100) Quantity: 5 Shadow Warriors (110) Quantity: 10 Extra command point (50) Total: 2000pts
  2. Brilliant - thanks. It's huge... I'll put mine on a big rock.
  3. That would be great - thanks so much! My one's wings are quite low and extend beyond the base, so I'm thinking of sticking it on a rock so it's not impending enemies piling on - or prevented from landing somewhere the base fits...
  4. Thanks - good to know people are lenient. I have that old WE dragon too, and a two-headed one from the same era. Great to be able to put them to use after many years in pieces. Nice Annointed btw!
  5. Unrelated question - does anyone know the dimensions (particularly height) of the Dreadlord in Black Dragon? I’m intending to use an old metal dragon model, so want to make it match as best as possible.
  6. I was thinking of four, but 8-12 sounds brutal... Six or more could be an honoured retinue too, right?
  7. That does look cool. I like the look of the Vangard-Palladors too, they just don’t seem as effective
  8. I feel the same - would be interested in any conversation ideas you come up with. For me just swapping the helmets for real faces would go a long way
  9. Dracoth cavalry has been suggested (we’ve been discussing above), it does seem a really good fit. That would eat up the spare points
  10. Good points - think I might leave the Kurnoths behind and get some Fulminators/Concussors. I’m learning to love the models and making them fit in my head with the fluff I’ve got in mind. The hammer rule is really interesting. Weighing on the other side is that if I take lots of crossbows, I’ve got a way of dealing with low-save hordes, it’s the tougher ones I might need the Dracoths to hit.
  11. Thanks so much for the response, really appreciated. Thinking this over, reckon I'll go heavier on crossbows and give them a freeguild general to buff (I think I prefer them to SotW because of range). In terms of combat, what do you find most efficient? I love the KH models, so could lose the bows and take six of them with Swords/Scythes, but am I hamstringing myself by not taking units that can shoot and move twice, like Desolators and Fulminators? In terms of getting Hurricanum into the thick of it, I was thinking, as Popisdead just mentioned, of perhaps using a command point to move twice, so it could buff shooting units in that phase, then rush up to buff units fighting on objectives, like KH with swords (who could potentially have 6 attacks each with Wardroth Horn and Arch-R, hitting 2+ re-rolling 1s). It would be very vulnerable, but I imagine the KH would attract more incoming.
  12. First, thanks everyone for the great ideas and analysis in this discussion - really helpful to a new player (well, actually a quite old WFB player). I’m building a living city army, based on old models I have, others I like, and ideas here esp from swarmofseals (love the maths). Thinking of this list (*=things I already have) LEADERS: *Dreadlord on Black Dragon (general) (300) Crossbow, Lance Ironoak Artisan Spear of the Hunt *Celestial Hurricanum with battlemage (280) Lifesurge Battlemage Hysh (90) Chain of Thorns Arch-Reverent (100) BATTLELINE *10 x Handgunners (100) 10 x Handgunners (100) *10 x Crossbowmen (100) OTHER 10 x SotW (160) *10 x Shadow Warriors (110) 5 x Freeguild Outriders (100) 1 x Scourgerunner Chariot (60) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters with Swords (200) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters with Bows (200) Emerald Lifeswarm (50) Extra Command Point (50) I have very little battle experience, only playing against my 9yo in lockdown, but basic ideas in theory are: After buffing shooting units in T1, the Hurricanum has option of rolling forward into the thick of things with Kurnoth Hunters as bodyguard Dreadlord is distraction - would double move and charge in T1, perhaps with Shadow Warriors, to be disruptive. Lots of small shooting units with give lots of options and ability to put just the right amount of damage where it matters KH with bows I know aren’t popular, but I though with 30” range and buffed by Arch-Revenant and Hurricanum, they and the Marksmen can take out support heroes or soften up something big for the Dreadlord Chariot, Outriders and KH with bows can all use shoot and move to get to an objective or get in the way of something important When Dreadlord dies, Arch-Rev becomes general and gets Druid trait probably for an extra spellcaster. Any suggestions /issues I should think about? As I say I’ve very little practical experience!
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