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  1. Question - with all the talk about a new edition, and then the talk of potential printing issues / tariffs with China being behind the Cursed City stuff - do we know if there is going to be an GHB2021, and if so, would the fact that it's printed in China (or at least it was last year) impact that at all? Do they tend to release when there is a new edition within a few months? would the announcement (or lack of) mean anything? I believe we saw the import records of GHB2020 by this time last year....
  2. This is why you deserve to be King to all, Gargant and Gor alike.
  3. Leave Arkhan alone. he's been through enough already lately.
  4. Yeah, i'm just wondering if they're actually Soulblight... like the big club thing and some of the spears. OR, they're related to kragnos (the hoof?) OR, it's 40k orks. I think the double prong spear thing is shown in the cave drawing? It would be neat if there was more StD coming for sure... but i would expect more new stuff to come out with the advent of a new battletome as opposed to the supplement.... still, even if they just repackaged those knights and warriors from the get started box, that would be huge...
  5. I wish! What would yo be expected? I was thinking that belakor might not actually be getting any other new units (sort of like the morathi release). I would think Bekalor, and at best a repackaging of the existing start collecting guys... but other than that, it's going to be one more for the battalions, rules, etc in the book as opposed to new plastic. My thinking is that it alternates ... morathi just had the endless spells, then teclis came with tons of stuff (although most of that might not have been originally intended, idk) next belakor just brings in belakor, and PERHA
  6. he's one of the objective markers in the images
  7. Nah, there is KO, Sylvaneth... interestingly the Ogor is Cities as well as Ogor, so I don't know what that does for him... I don't know the costs or anything, but there are a couple ones that sound decent. The one order priestess can do a d6 heal to a model on a 4+ prayer to just a 'friendly' model. it's nice it's not keyword locked for the abilities...
  8. Oh, yes.. I wasn't writing very clearly. I just meant it's like how the other heroes have Ulfenkarn as a keyword, and it calls out how you can't use another city keyword even tho they're all marked cities of sigmar. I was just saying I thought that meant it wasn't indicating a new glade (or new city), more that they were preventing these guys (who are useable in those factions) to gain whatever bonuses you get by being part of a specific city... maybe being the leader or something? I don't know how glades work, but when someone posted and questioned if it meant new sylvaneth
  9. I think it's like the cities guys - it's not meaning they will have something new, only that it can't gain the keywords of other ones....
  10. I absolutely LOVE the cities of sigmar setup. I honestly think allies don't make much sense anymore because it kills whatever synergy there is, and sometimes it's quite limited. For example, BoC can only take StD allies, but they can't get any of the benefits of a Chaos Lord's buffs because they do not come with a mark... and aren't StD tagged. I don't WANT a god aligned BoC army, so it's hard when it's, like you said, increasingly mechanically better to choose some god and put all your units with other allegience abilities. There are fixes here, they just need to be done. Personally,
  11. I believe the goats the worship the 'main' chaos gods are ostracized for doing so. It's not pure, primordial chaos - in a way those four are a perversion of 'true' chaos. I'd personally love to see more exclusions as well as inclusions in factions based on leaders, heroes, etc. BoC can't even ally in the slaanesh / tzeech gors even if they've chosen to mark themselves as such. Humans are varied, so are beasts. If some Sylvaneth can worship Arielle, and potentially some can worship Kurnoth (which I think is where this conversation sort of started?) Why can't some beasts be the 'chaos'
  12. The thing is chaos spawn at least have a lot of options; while i'm sure they could make a new kit, it's the one thing i feel most comfortable proxying and so on. Unfortunately we can't expect everything to get updated, so it's more like... if you could have 2 models updated, and 2 models new - what would you have updated? Chaos Spawn would just never hit that list for me.
  13. Really? I don't mind the Gors, actually - and I feel weird about buying super old models. It's nothing compared to some of the really new stuff, but I know a painted gor still looks decent and not derpy, like the razorgor, bullgors, or even the ghorgon (in my opinion) still do. I'm in a camp where i don't 'believe' in bestigors, to my own detriment. still trying to figure out how to convert untamed beasts to beastlords or besties.
  14. Buuuut it's not too far a stretch. If Kurnothi don't like civilization and want to burn it all to the ground, and BoC also doesn't like civilization and want to burn it all to the ground... I sort of believe there's little stopping BoC from being Destruction as is, besides their pedigree of chaos in the past. They don't even really care for the four chaos gods at all. I don't know that individual worship should dictate current alliances as much as it does, but maybe that will change in AoS 3.0. I think the point of the poster earlier is that Kurnothi and BoC, albeit for different r
  15. On the stream? they didn't (I don't think they did anyway). What happened was something like "see the star of the new book Kragnos", was written as a caption but I think that was the community team on a facebook post and I don't believe necessarily believe it - a lot of people have quoted that but during the livestream they basically said they weren't going to say anything except the name at that time, and a teaser. They definitely did not confirm that character was Kragnos then. I posted awhile back more on that, but I think that if that really was Kragnos, there would have been more
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