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  1. When you guys use the akhelian king what command traits do they use. I’ve only played two matched play games and I’ve used lord of storm and sea for both of them.
  2. Having one big unit of three means your will have less drops. If you have less drops than your opponent at the start of the game you get to choose who goes first. It also lets you attack with all the sharks in the unit at the same time. Sometimes it will be hard to fit all 3 in when attacking smaller heroes or units. Running smaller units gives you more mobility but will increase your drops.
  3. I am new as well but I’m pretty sure you can’t run them in 4s anymore so maybe two units of two
  4. How are you planning to run the sharks ? In the battalion ? On their own
  5. Has anyone tried the Nautilar double Leviadons battalion ?
  6. They said in the article that it starts at a +2 save
  7. 3 damage attacks if you bring three sharks that's and extra three three damage attacks that makes them scarier to opponents. Yep net harpoon great now I'm pretty sure it has rend as well now because the Leviadons one did.
  8. Lots of buffs in the latest article https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/11/05/broken-realms-morathi-unleashed/ Improved the Leviadons ability, better shooting and allopexes are way better. Also the Leviadons drums adds 1 to hit rolls for namarti now
  9. I'm a newish player would this count as a save after save or could this be used with the artefact that gives a 5 up against mortals
  10. New battalion makes allopexes a bit better but gives loads of protection to the akhelian king.
  11. New blood surf hunt box set. I think it has a king and two allopexs in it
  12. I pledge to finish my half painted unit of blood letters. If I get those done I'll work on the reavers from last month that I didn't finish.
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