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  1. Many thanks for any kind words. You guys are the best. In singular contribution leading to effect in my opinion it can only be @Mo Ashraf . I could wax lyrical but this websites creation, my job and work can be seen to be a direct effect of his causal contribution.
  2. Rufio

    New orcs thread

    Rules are up for boar riders. Super poor unit. I know you can make anything cheaper so its useful but for what is hopefully such beefy models they dont have any cool rules and little to no damage out put. Id price them the same as goblins based on wounds/save and poor output.
  3. Rufio

    New orcs thread

    No idea im doing the same
  4. Sisters of slaughter are amazing. If you can make it so there are so many threats on the board they are low down and get them into combat!! You will kick ass
  5. Waiting for the release lets talk about units and synergy's here
  6. Russ tore up blood and glory with high elves and Caradryn. That seems really strong and the wanderers could be a really clever finesse army.
  7. Rufio

    Building an army

    Also you get so much synergy its really good to grab some stuff that crosses over from other factions. Looks cool too
  8. Rufio

    Bases and size

    Id say it doesn't matter too much. It does mean you have a smaller frontage but in reality i dont see where it makes all the difference. Rob Perring for instance has 2 great unclean ones. One is the citadel model on a 50mm round and the other is the forge world one on a large oval. I think you are ok with that but then im fairly easy going. After the weekend as well id say AOS isn't as gamey as 8th. The double turn means you just have to react meaning the calculated gamey players cant do well?
  9. Quick Summary. I deployed as seen in the picture. I think scenarios like this work when you push one flank especially when your opponent split their army as Darran did. It means i could use 95% of my army to take out 40 % of his by turn 2. If my realm gate had blown up is was still in a decent position to push both flanks where he was down a lot of models. Capturing 3 at once would be really hard and i like bullying a flank which leaves you up. I think the 6 objective one is the same. I fought battle for the pass 4 out of 6 games which i find really interesting too. Really interested to hear everyone's deployment ideas on this. I think some models having such low movement is massive and it being a 5 turn game means looking at deployment being fairly key in a lot of games.
  10. Theres a 4 demon prince formation in the new Godbeasts book
  11. Holla to all the #tournamentgays

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