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  1. Ironjaws have a command ability called "might destroyer" which lets a unit move (if more then 12 away from enemy), charge (if 3-12 away from enemy) or fight (if less then 3 away from enemy). I think that he means that they can not get into the ships because they don't have the "marines" keyword and are also not buffed by abilities that target KO units. Thanks a lot! Thats sounds like a good strategy. When the corona madness is over, i will definitly try it out.
  2. Navigators sounds good. I guess that could help a lot! It wasn't ethereal. The biggest problems were the free mighty destroyer move from the ironfist battalion and the fact that we play on 48x48 boards.So the Mawcrusher naturally can move 24 and then gets +1 to charges. So he is in your gunline in the first round (the more i think about it, the Navigators Aetherstorm ability sounds more and more awesome๐Ÿ˜„). Another thing with the Orruks is the Smashin and bashin rule. My Oruuk enemy on regular base destroys my whole BoC army (MSU because i don't have enough models for big herds) before any of my units can make a punch. I hope my Skyfleet will not end up the same.๐Ÿ˜…
  3. How do you deal with a turn 1 Mawkrusher charge? I witnessed a game where a KO gunline was totally obliterated in 2 turns by that beast. He had just two Gunhaulers, Brokk, 6 Endrinriggers, a Khemist, 10 Thunderes and lots of Arcanaut Company.
  4. Just wanted to share my first test miniature for my Barak-Thryng Skyport. I know i am not the best painter (especially because of my impatience), but i would like to hear your opinions.๐Ÿ˜Š Not 100% shure about the base edges yet.
  5. Hey fellow Admirals, i want to paint my Overlords in a Barak-Thryng sceme. Unfortunately i am not quite sure how to paint the boats. After a bit of google searching i found that there were color plates for each Skyport in the old battletome. I could only find the full color plates for Barak-Nar and Barak-Ziflin. For Barak-Thryng i could only find the color plates for the troops, but not for the ships... So my question is if someone who has the old battletome at hand could make a photo of said page? That would be of great help!:)
  6. I was only talking about the color sceme that i will be using. Red with white armor looks just very cool.^^ Regarding skyport i guess i will use Urbaz or Zilfin. What is with the artykle and the command trait/artefact etc. I chose. Legit stuff? A unit of Arcanauts was added to the buying list!:p
  7. I have to thank you again for that advice. I noticed that the cheapest way (moneywise) to field an Ironclad is to buy the Aetherwar box, resell the Tzeentch stuff and buy an Ironclad. When i would buy the start collecting box i would be in need of a second battleline unit, because either the Gunhauler or the Thunderers would be battleline. But not both at the same time. So i ordered the Aetherwar box and will add an Ironclad soon. My first 1000p list would look something like this: 1000p Kharadron Overlords Skyport: non Artycle: settle the grudge Amendment: always take what you are owed Footnote: there is no trading with some people 220p Endrinmaster in Dirigible Suit (General, Grudgebearer, Phosphorite Bomblets) 100p Endrinriggers 100p Endrinriggers 510p Ironclad (last word) Will it be good? I don't know. Will it be a ton of fun to shoot-shoot-shoot my enemy. Definitly! Now i will have to choose a color sceme. I guess i like Baral-Thryng. Have never seen anybody use that one before. Why is that?
  8. Actually i just buy the single modell on ebay. I am not sold on more Riggers and i would like to keep it cheap.๐Ÿ˜…
  9. Hello fellow Admirals, i am thinking of starting my own fleet and it as to include the ironclad. Just love this model! I take part in a CTL tournament at my local Warhammer store (1500p, 48x48 boards), so i want to build a competitive 1500p army. Maybe 1000p for the start. I just bought the battletome. My buying list would be: 1x Arcanaut Company 1x start collecting 1x Ironclad So i will have a 1000p list for 210โ‚ฌ, which is quite cheap i guess. The upgrade to 1500p would be another start collecting and the Thundrik Profiteers. And maybe an Endrinmaster in his fancy suit. so what do you think? Is this a good starting point? Any tipps? Suggestions?
  10. Hey Guys, i am thinking about getting into Nurgles little garden and wanted to ask for your advice. I love the Blightkings and Gutrot Spume and would like to build a 1000p list first. Later i would go to 1500p because we have a 1500p CTL tournament league. My question for you would be how competitive such a list would be? And how would it look like? Blightkings seem to be the bread and butter? I am on a budget, so your 45 Blightking list are not in for me.๐Ÿ˜… I have Beats of Chaos and could field their Pestilent Throng Batallion?
  11. I choose to built two Skalgs and a Bannerbearer and a Hornblower with Clubs. When i play 2x2 i will use the the Banner/Hornblower as normal guys.
  12. Thanks again guys! so i will build mine with full Command and Clubs. The Bannerbearer gets a pistole on his belt so i can play him as a Skalg too. The Hornblower will just be played as a normal guy. So i can play them both as 2x2 and 1x4.๐Ÿคช Would the Skalg/Hornblower/Bannerbearer in a unit with Gargant Hackers still hold just Clubs? Is that okay ruleswise?
  13. I guess that i will play them in 2x2. So should i built two Hornblowers and two Skalgs? And no Bannerbearers?
  14. Thanks man. So i will get some Dire Wolves soon.๐Ÿ˜Ž I have seen Fenrisian Wolves but don't really like the minis. Can't point a finger on it... The CTL started in January. So i already had some games with my FEC (Ghouls). It is because the store isn't big enough for more than one 6x4 table. It is still a ton of fun, but it definitely benefits slow armies. I just bought my first Start Collecting BCR and was wondering how to equip the Mournfangs. Gargant Hackers or Clubs? Full Command? What would you say?
  15. Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention that we play on 48 x 48 boards. Maybe that is important to know too. When the store allows to play again, i will test list 2 with a bloodgullet butcher (my army hat a frosty Bloodgullet theme). Oh, and i need some Frost sabers.๐Ÿ˜… I was thinking about using Dire Wolves. The story behind them would be that in the harsh enviroments of the Everwinter the hungry Ogors sometimes snack on their Frost Sabers because there is nothing else. What do you think?๐Ÿ˜„
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