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  1. Damn, maybe there's a chance he got some more unreleased novels on the line, he really shaped the Mortal Realms...
  2. I have a feeling they are just holding back a second release with Tyrion leading a phoenix/dragon sun faction.
  3. How would a Tzaangors heavy list looks like and would it be viable to play with? I’m new to the tabletop side and really like the look of the newer Tzeentch stuff but some of the older daemons like Horrors and Flamers looks funky to me.
  4. I don't get why people over on FB are still making a fuss about the helmet, all it takes is a clean cut and it's off. Hell, it's probably a separate bit anyways. We have seen 3 kits for the Alarith so far, I feel like it is a safe bet that there will be a 2nd wave with Tyrion and the next two in the future, unless they are going for a T'au caste system, which I think is unlikely since this is the one faction with 2 Gods, they would want to capitalize on that.
  5. Damn these guys are gorgeous! Are you also gonna add some monsters to the army?
  6. Ha I was gonna post it but guess I’m too late! There’s nothing special to it except for the awesome Gargants fighting Stormcasts. Although I don’t see the Kraken-eater holding his bag...
  7. As cool as that may be, I feel like if that's an option they would have shown it already. That being said, I already got a few aluminum foil ball ready for those ugly hands.
  8. Today's WarCom post has a pretty neat picture of the Warstomper here holding FIREBALL in his hand. It's really nice to see that the artworks so far have nailed the perspective of a normal human.
  9. Yup it is really inspiring, and DAMN 50 GARGANTS! Plus it shows that with just a bit of greenstuff and cutting one kit can turn into many poses.
  10. I have seen interesting conversions for the Aleguzzler using Bloodthirster body as a buff although slightly shorter gargant and another using the Ghorgon's body as a slightly taller gargant. Does anyone else have anything like that in mind?
  11. Here are two pics someone posted on the SoB FB group. They are not 100% accurate but they should be roughly the Warstomper on 160mm and 130mm bases.
  12. I don't think that picture is correct, someone on FB or Reddit posted a picture of the Plague Furnace and Archaon together and the Furnace is no where that big. Also if you use a colored version of this image you will see the Stormcast shield on the Mega-gargant is way out of proportion. When they said it can "stares at Archaon and his mount", I think it meant tall enough to stare at him, and they didn't mentioned anything about eyes-to-eyes. Using the outline on WarCom's Preview 3 and scaling with bits on their armor (I would post a picture but I don't know how to...), it is safe to say they will be on 130mm bases and be at eye level with Dorghar's Nurgle head.
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